Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why the mainstream media is OK: Reason 1

I know I'm one who normally bitches to high heaven about the clueless MSM, the previous post being my latest cry for help.

But I want to give credit where credit is due. Mlive's Lions beat guy, Killer Kowalski, is doing a bang up job in his Lions Weblog, with constant updates from the NFL combine.

Killer has posted about everything from Josh McCown trade rumors (He calls them total BS), to Charles Rogers running a 4.8 40 in a workout for the Chiefs (Killer believes Rogers is done with football), to a short interview with Mike Martz (Claims Martz said a ton of things off the record, criticizing several players).

I don't always agree with Kowalski, as his Lions' opinion columns sometimes spin out of control (Such as his saying a couple of seasons back that the Lions would cut Joey Harrington, which was pure speculation on his part), but I'm really enjoying his stuff from the combine.

Speaking of the combine...

The News' Mike O'Hara, not to be upstaged by the Killer, has his own combine scoop.

Joe Thomas, currently the consensus pick for the Lions in the current mock drafts, says "I'd love to play for Detroit." He also added "I think they're an organization that just needs a couple pieces, I think they're going to take off."

My thoughts?

As it's more than obvious the Raiders will take a QB with the first pick, Thomas will say and do ANYTHING to be the number 2 pick overall in the draft, even if it means coming off as delusional, if not insane.

On the other hand, Thomas may truly be certifiable, and believes everything he's saying. God help him...


  1. I liked O'Hara's other "scoop," reporting that the Lions might be interested in a quarterback with the #2 pick. Nothing like helping Matt Millen throw up smoke signals.

    I haven't dunked my head into NFL Draft stuff like I have in the past - and I'm beginning to think I won't this year - so I don't know how good the defensive ends from Clemson or Arkansas are, but I think I'd be fine with the Lions picking Joe Thomas.

    As much as the idea of Adrian Peterson excites me, the Lions really need to just draft some solid football players who can build a team, rather than going for the flash (and sputter) at the skill positions.

    Have I mentioned it's good to have you back, Big Al?

  2. Thanks Ian! Trust me, it's good to be back!

  3. I second that, Ian. It's great to have you back, Al!

  4. You guys... lol Thanks Kurt!