Monday, February 26, 2007

Why are the Lions on the fast track to nowhere?

Because Matt Millen was busy being Matt Millen this past week.

Not to beat a dead horse, but after this past week, do you get the same feeling as me? That the Lions' season is over...before it even starts? Read the evidence that follows...

First, Millen said, if drafted, he'd play Joe Thomas at right tackle. What? Left tackle is where you put your STUD lineman, as that's your QB's blind side. The 2nd overall draft pick sure as Hell better be a STUD, so playing him on the opposite side would be a complete waste of his talent.

Considering that also means Jeff Backus, of whom you can best say doesn't get hurt, and rightly say is overpaid, and average at best, and the last thing you can call him is STUD, plays the left side.

I hope Rod Marinelli isn't on the same wavelength as Millen in regard to Thomas. Or anything else in regard to the Lions, for that matter. God forbid for all we Lion fans if so...

The only people on the same wavelength as Millen are John Kruk and Forrest Gump. That's a very scary wavelength, indeed.

Millen also said that he liked Gaines Adams. an undersized defensive end, who has trouble against the run, and would be a pass rush specialist. Millen was quoted as saying, "You can teach him the run stuff."

Can you say, "Kalimba Edwards?" We all know how productive Edwards has been, so why not put his doppelganger on the other end? It all somehow makes sense in Millen's feeble mind.

Millen is supposedly in trade talks involving 5 players. The 5 being Dre' Bly, James Hall, Marcus Bell, Ross Verba, and Marcus Pollard. Bly has some value, but has an expensive contract. Hall hasn't had a good season in 2 years, but you might get a 7th rounder for him. What could Millen get for Verba, Bell, and Pollard? Jack and squat.

I still have to ask, where is Millen going to find players to replace these guys?

There's only 7 rounds in the draft, for chrissaakes. Millen doesn't exactly have a sterling draft track record, definitely not one that would lead me to believe that a successful draft is in the cards.

As for free agency? The Lions are well under the salary cap, but so are most other teams, thanks to the cap going up. Where would you rather play? 3 win Detroit? Or anywhere else? Anywhere else wins every time.

At this rate of player attrition, I'll expect Millen to be suiting up at middle linebacker. Considering their dire straits at that position, Millen's more useful there than in the front office.

This coming season has disaster written all over it. Commence beating said dead horse, people.

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