Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wojo: Bring Bill Cowher to the Lions! TWFE: Been there, done that

I'm convinced that the News' Bob Wojonowski reads TWFE. Why is that, you ask?

By reading his Saturday 1/27 column, "Cowher's available, Mr. Ford."

I championed the cause of Bill Cowher to the Lions exactly 1 month ago, right when it was appearent that Pittsburgh's head coach with the jaw that won't quit was going to resign.

Typical mainstream media, slow on the uptake... To be honest, I'm surprised some of the other ink stained wretches hadn't yet taken up the cause.

So far, here's the "Who takes over the Lions when Millen gets the ziggy" media scorecard.

Bob Wojonowski - Bill Cowher

Drew (Not so) Sharp - The Tuna, Bill Parcells

The Little Fella - Albom's too busy writing overly sappy novellas, and revising history on the fly, to care

Rob Parker - Too busy trying to hitch his sorry ass to the sinking ship that is "Cold Pizza," and making the clueless Skip Bayless look smart, to actually care

Michael Rosenberg - Too busy writing hockey columns covering NHL isssues that bloggers have been bringing up for weeks.

Jerry Green - Too busy writing about how much better sports were in the old days.

Pat Caputo - Who cares, no one reads The Oakland Press anyway

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