Monday, December 18, 2006

Coaching term or masturbation euphemism?

What can you say about yesterday's Lions' loss that hasn't already been said before? Not just this season, or the Millen era, but for decades upon decades. For that matter, we've seen this same type of loss over and over and over, a Lions fan version of Groundhog Day.

From the awful clock management, strange play calling, bad penalties, refusal to even consider a QB change, to the lack of any sign of improvement, can it be any more obvious that Sgt. Marinelli is in over his head? If anything, the Lions have regressed over the last several games.

At least the Sarge has given us a new quote to hang our hats on.

Just as Bobby Ross spewed "I don't coach that stuff," signifying the beginning of his breakdown, and Marty Mornhinweg could never live down his moronic "The bar is high," the Sarge came up with his own platitude in today's presser that just may come back to haunt him.

"I'm stirring the cement."

He claims to be building a foundation, thus the cement analogy. Unless my mind is in the gutter, it sure sounds more like a euphemism for masturbation to me. As does "Building a foundation," for that matter.

Now whenever Sgt. Marinelli may say that he's "Slapping the helmet," "Tackling the dummy," "Going for it on 4th down," "Giving hands-on-training," "Ironing out the wrinkles," "Practicing for the big game," or "Pushing Shaun Rogers," we'll know that the Sarge is obviously "Master of his Domain."

That's all well and good, but I'm just not so sure Marinelli has mastered the art of head coaching.


  1. So it finally happened? And with two games remaining in his first (and only?) year as Lions head coach? Marinelli came up with the quote he'll ultimately be remembered by.

    Personally, I think the cement he's stirring will be used for the blocks on his feet when he's tossed into the Detroit River with all the other dross this team has tried to shed over the decades.

    And as far as the poor guy's future head coaching prospects are concerned, he may as well just stay at the bottom of the river, pounding the rocks.

    Merry Christmas, Lions fans!