Sunday, October 12, 2008

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings - 3rd quarter: The Lions lead...But for how long?

FOX's Pitts and Boselli are informing us this, for the 10th time, this is a "trap game" for the Vikings. Indeed. I have to say this is a "miracle game"  for the Lions.

Quote from Marinelli via the sidelines chick: "We need better field position." No fucking shit, genius.

Lions will start at the 31. FIRE KWAN!

It's Rudi up the middle, gets 8! The Human Yellow Flag with the pancake block? This really is a "miracle game!"

Rudi again, off tackle, 1st down! It's Rudi again, off left tackle, gets 2. The Lions' game plan is becoming obvious. Keep the ball out of Orlovsky's hands.

Dan O to Williams leaves the Lions 3rd and 2 at the Vikes 49.  Orlovsky is back to pass...Finds Rudi on a cross, 1st down! Woo!

It's Rudi again! 10 yards and the 1st! YES! Shit, a flag. Holding on Mulatalo. FUCK ME! 1st and 20 from the Detroit 45.

Rudi is stuffed off tackle, 2nd and 21. Draw play gets 2. The Lions are uber-conservative, they don't trust Dan O.

3rd and 19. Dan O rolls right, no pressure, looks deep....Calvin Johnson is WIDE OPEN at the Vikings 17! HOLY SHIT! The Lions are driving! By the way, where has Megatron been all day?

Orlvosky rolls right...dumps it to Johnson...He's got the fucking corner! LEAPS! TD LIONS! Big time play by Calvin Johnson! WHOOOOOOOOOO! It's a 10 play, 69 yard drive. 69, heh...

Holy mother of God, the Lions are up 10-2 after the PAT! It's a "miracle game" indeed... I feel woozy, I think I'm gonna faint.

Vikings will start at the 25. FIRE KWAN!

On 2nd and long, it's Peterson with the ball...Oooo, he almost broke it! Bullocks with a shoestring tackle, goes for 13 yards.

2 more Peterson runs have the Vikings 3rd and 6 at their 42. Ferrotte is back...has time...BODDEN WITH THE PICK! YESYESYES! He read the comeback route, and stepped in front! The Lions' D makes another play!

Vikings fans are ready to hang Ferrotte in effigy! "Boo-urns!"

Lions will start at their 47. Dan O is back to throw...looks deep...It's Johnson and 2 Vikings...Where's the FUCKING FLAG?! There was contact! No call, 2nd down. Shit.

It's Rudi off tackle, 8 yards! The Lions are pounding the ball rock.

3rd and short...Felton up the gut...Nothing there. I do not like the idea of giving the ball to the FB when the RB have been gashing the Viking D. Colletto out thought himself. Which is hard to when you're fucking BRAIN DEAD!

Detroit will punt, Vikes ball at the 15. Let's go D! I can't believe I'm writing that...

4:47 left in the 3rd. Ferrotte is back to throw, finds Berrian crossing...AND THE LIONS MISS THE TACKLE! And there he goes, Berrian is gone to the house, an 85 yard TD.

After the PAT, Vikings only down 1, 10-9. We have a ballgame.

Motherfucking Lions! I soooo hate this team. Even with the lead, they somehow find a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Asses.

Let's see if the Lions can compose themselves after a major fuck up. Middleton returns the kick to the 20 FIRE KWAN!

Vikings D comes out fired up, blow up a Rudi Johnson run, they lose 4. I'm suddenly not feeling good about this game.

An incomplete pass leaves the Lions 3rd and 14. The Vikings' D suddenly smell blood.

Dan O is back....Shit, pressure from the left...FUCK! SACK! Manny Ramirez was just being Manny with the lookout block...

Vikings take the punt back to the 36.

The crowd is fired up. Peterson gets 3, 2nd and 7. Ferrotte to Wade...Nope, alligator arms the ball, drops incomplete. 3rd and 7.

Gus in the gun...Looks downfield...Kalvin Pearson blitzes, knocks the ball out of Ferrotte's hands! BAAAAAALLLLLL! Peterson falls on it, but a BIG loss! Vikings will have to punt. The Lions' D is getting lots of pressure by blitzing Ferrotte! It only took the God damn staff 4 fucking games to figure that out...

McDonald  with a nice return...Fuck! Flag! Block in the God damn back...

Lions will start at the 15. Dan O is back to throw...looks DEEP...Johnson is WIDE OPEN! But it's well underthrown....shit...but the Vikes DB hammers Megatron! That's pass fucking interference! FLAG! 39 yard penalty! Ball at the Vikings 46!

It's 3rd and 5 from the 41, Dan O wants to throw...SACK! And a FLAG! Holding on the Lions, either way, they were screwed. Detroit has to punt.

Nice kick by Harris, fair catch at the 8! 3 seconds left in the 3rd. The Lions will go into the 4th quarter with a lead! Oh yeah, almost forgot. FIRE KWAN!

Peterson gets 10 yards up the middle to end the 3rd.

10-9 Lions, in a baseball style slugfest. Be still my beating heart...

On to the 4th quarter.

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