Sunday, October 12, 2008

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings - 4th quarter: The Lions still lead...But for how long?

A Peterson run gets nada to start the money quarter.

Ferrotte is back to throw...Pearson Blitzes! Tip drill! Falls incomplete. 3rd and long.

Ferrotte is back to throw again...a short pass to Cupsandsaucer....SHIT! He has a seam! Cupsandsaucer is into Lions territory! Fuck us all!

On 2nd and 7 from the Detroit 43, it's Peterson up the middle...BALL! BALL! BALL! Bodden recovers! Detroit ball! YES! YES! YES! Oh fuck YES!

Dan O is going to throw...Looks deep...He's hit as he throws! It's Johnson DEEP DOWN THE MIDDLE! CAUGHT! Wait! Is the ball loose? Orlovsky is down, Johnson is still down! What the FUCK happened? Rather than figure it out, FOX goes to commercial. Dumbasses!

What's is the call? Fumble? Yes, that's the call. SHIT! Marinelli will challenge, there's the red flag. Boselli is convinced this will be overturned.

We're told Megatron is hurt.. From the looks of things, he had his bell rung, big time.

And here's the ref's call. The play fucking stands! SHITSHITSHIT! Fire the NFL refs!

Vikes take over at their 40. The Lions can't buy a fucking break, as the call could have gone either way. Fuck me. Fuck you. Fuck the NFL!

2nd and 6. Ferrotte is going to throw...WADE IS SO WIDE OPEN, there's no Lion even in the picture....He's off to the races...Hit at the 10...BALL! It's out of bounds, Vikes keep the ball, shit.  FIRE JOE BARRY!

A nice run by Taylor is called back, holding. Thank you, refs. 1st and goal from the 20. Incomplete pass on 1st down. Taylor is stuffed on 2nd down. Sims blew up the hole, the D then cleaned up.

3rd and goal. I'm hearing "Boo-urns!" again. Incomplete pass on 3rd and forever, the Vikes will kick a 38 yard FG. BLOCKED! There was pressure up the middle, and Devries got a paw on the ball! Lions take over! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The D makes another play!

Whew. It's been quite a while since we've had a close, tense Lions game. I'm all a-twitter!

It's 1st and 10 at the 27. Naked bootleg...Dan O hits Gaines for 15...BALL! Williams picks it up, gets a few more yards! Lions 1st down at the Vikes 49! Lucky break for the Leo's, which I am totally not used to seeing.

Rudi gets 3 up the gut. Big possession for the Lions, just under 9 minutes left. Run the ball, run the clock. Rudi again for 3 more. 3rd and 4, 8 minutes left.

Orlovsky wants to throw...No one open...He slides down at the 46. Call it a sack. Better than forcing the ball, I guess. Lions will punt.  Shitfuck.

A great punt by Harris pins the Vikings inside the 10! And we have a TV TO. Everyone compose themselves, the game is far from over.

7:23 left in the game, Vikes 1st and 10 at their own 9. Icomplete pass. 2nd and long.

Peterson takes a handoff...BLITZ! He loses 3! 3rd and long! Need a stop! And they get it, as all Ferrotte can do is dump the ball off, well short of the 1st down. "BOO-URNS!"

Lions take over at the 38 after a short return. FIRE KWAN!

Rudi gets a couple as the clock runs under the 6 minute mark. Orlovsky to Owens gets 3. 3rd and 6, 5 minutes left.

Dan O with the TO, 4:50 left. We see a shot of Calvin Johnson on the sideline, has a glazed over look about him. I doubt we'll see him again today. Damn it.

Big play, Lions need to convert. Orlovsky is pressured...rolls right...a misses an open Mike Furrey. Lions punt. Shit.

Harris BOOMS a punt, but it's in the end zone. Vikings ball at the 20. 4:41 left.

Peterson is soooo close to breaking one, as he gets 10 on 1st down. Ferrotte to Berrian, 2nd and 7, clock is still running. 3:30 left. A pass to Cupsandsaucer gets a 1st down at the 40. Vikes are moving, and only need a FG.

Swing pass to Peterson...Alexander with the nice open field tackle! 2nd and 15! Clock running...FLAG! False start, Vikings! w00t!

2nd and 20 from the 32, 2:22 left. Ferrotte has time...looks deep...FLAG ON BODDEN! FUCK! Pass interference! SHITSHITSHIT! That was a ticky-tack fucking call! A call a bad team never gets. LET THEM PLAY! Ball at the Lions 26.

It's Peterson...gets 10...SHIT! Yes! FLAG! Holding, 1st and 12 from the 26. It's Taylor...1st fucking down at the Detroit 16. DAAAAAAMN. 2 minute warning and the Vikings are in chip shot FG  territory.

I need drugs...

We're back. Peterson puts his head down...he's inside the 10. 1:44 left. Clock stoppage, Alexander is hurt. He lowered his head to take on Peterson, helmet to helmet, and lost. He's seeing stars. The celestial kind.

And the Lions will lose a TO. They have none left. Shit. When it fucking rains, it fucking pours.

Peterson gets nothing on 2nd down.

1 minute left, 3rd and 7. Peterson up the gut, gets a handful, Longwell will come in for the chip shot figgie as the Vikes let the clock run all the way down. TO purple, 12 seconds left. Shit.

The kick is from 26 yards out...good. 12-10 Vikings. God dammit. 9 seconds left. Game, set, match.

Boselli is going on about the Lions needing a big return. HAS HE SEEN THE LIONS' SPECIAL TEAMS?!

It's a squib kick, Middleton runs it back to the 40.

4 seconds left.

Hail Mary time.

Orlovsky is back...and never gets a chance to even cock is motherfucking arm. He's snowed under, sack.

That's the ball game, Vikings win 12-10.

Figures. Just as I finish this up, I get to see the Rams win their 1st game of the year. Anyone want to take bets as to when the Lions' get their first victory? I'm thinking it'll be sometime after the Lions reach double digit losses. I don't see a truly winnable game left on the schedule.

I can't beleive it. The Lions end up losing thanks to Orlovsky's brain fart/cramp/fog, by his giving the Vikings a free 2 points by running out of the end zone.

It's just like the Lions, they find incredible ways to lose. 

One thing I can assure you I don't want to hear is any "moral victory" bullshit coming from the Lions. To be blunt, the Vikings aren't exactly an NFL juggernaut, and Gus Ferrotte is what he is, a career journeyman. To lose by 2 to the Vikings is nothing to brag about.

Back later tonight with more thoughts.


  1. what a terrible way to lose that game

  2. They were soooooo close. :(