Sunday, October 12, 2008

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings - 2nd quarter: I'm ready for Stanton

Vikes start the 2nd quarter with a 2nd and 16. Peterson gets 6, ball at the Detroit 47.

Ferrotte is back to throw...SACK! Again? What the Hell? Devries from the outside! Vikings will have to punt.

Lions will start at the 20 on the touchback.

Well, the Lions are only down 2-0, instead of 21-0. Things are looking up! Right? RIGHT? Hell, I'm desperate for some good football. The D is playing fairly well. The offense? Not so good. Not good at all.

It's a handoff to blitz blows it up, 5 yard loss. 

Orlovsky is changing the play at the line...A pass to Williams gets 3. woo. 3rd and long.

Dan O is back to throw...stands up under pressure...ARRRGH! Williams with the one hand grab, but is just out of bounds! Would have been a great play, but it's only an incompletion. Rather than 1st and 10, Lions will punt.

After a penalty on the return, Vikes will start deep in their own territory.

Vikings fans have to be PISSED. The game shouldn't be this close.

It's Peterson on 1st down...nice open field tackle by Keith Smith! 2nd and 7. Peterson is stuffed again on 2nd. 3rd and 6.

Ferrotte is looking deep...ball is well overthrown, it's a 3 and out. Lions force another punt.

Furrey with a short return...and I see a Lion block in the back. Where's the flag? There it is... Jordon Dizon, let me tell you something. When you hold your hands out as if you are saying "I didn't block in the back," you blocked in the back. Jesus.

Dan Orlovsky's stats to this point:  3-7-15 yards. Yep, I'm ready for Drew Stanton.

Lions will start at their 13 after Dizon's brain cramp. Smith gets 4, a Viking is shaken up, we have a stoppage in play.

The Lions have 17 total yards on offense. Yep, I'm still ready for Drew Stanton.

Dan O is back to throw...Hits Roy for 17 over the middle! Holy shit, positive yardage! 1st and 10!

Smith gets a couple up the gut. Just over 8 minutes left in the half. I still fell good! Fingers crossed, everyone!

Another Smith run leaves Detroit 3rd and 4. Dan O is back to throw....he's drilled as he throws the ball, it falls harmlessly incomplete. Nick Harris is working up a sweat, as he has to punt for the 4th time so far today.

Nice kick, no return, Vikes at their 11. I gotta say it. FIRE STAN KWAN!

The Vikes have a 3rd and l5, Ferrotte to Berrian converts. Bodden gave him A 10 YARD CUSHION? FUCK! What are the odds the Lions waive him after the season instead of honoring the HUGE ASS extension he signed in the preseason? The odds are damn good.

The Vikings have another 3rd and long...Big pressure from Bodden on a corner blitz! Ball is deflected, Vikes will punt.

We now have McDonald returning punts, Detroit will start at their 31.

It's 2nd and short...Handoff to Smith...HE'S CLEAR! Smith is off to the races...nice cutback....and is down at the Vikings 12! 50 fucking yards! Hot damn! YESYESYES! Why isn't Smith playing more?

Dan O under center..and he fumbles the fucking snap! 2nd and 10. Dan O is back to throw...The Vikes stunt, and Orlovsky is BURIED! 3rd and fucking 21! ARRRRGH! GRRRRR! HUR.........

The Lions turtle, rather than risk another fuck up, as Smith gets a couple on a draw that fools no one. 2 minute warning! Hanson will some out for the field goal attempt.

It's dead solid perfect from 40, Lions lead? Huh? What the Hell? We are officially in bizzarro land.

3-2 good guys.

Decent coverage from Detroit, as the Vikes will start inside their 20.

Ferrotte to Wade gets the Vikings a quick 1st down. A pass to the TE has the Vikings at their 38, clock is running. A screen isn't there, Ferrotte turfs the ball. 1:01 left in the half.

Ferrotte dumps the ball to Taylor, gets 8, TO Vikings. 0:52 left. Can the Lions actually end the half with the lead?

3rd and 2. Ferrotte looks down the sidelines...incomplete! Vikings will....punt? I'm not used to seeing a defense get stops. The Lions will start at the 20 after a touchback.

The Vikings fans are yelling "Boo-urns! Boo-urns!"

0:41 left in the half. The Lions are more than happy to leave the field with the lead, as a handoff to Smith gets zip, and the Lions let the clock run out.

I hear more "Boo-urns!" from the Minny crowd as their team leaves the field. They aren't happy, and I don't blame them. The Vikings are losing to the worst team in the NFL!

This game has been all about the Detroit defense. Period. Thanks to a surprisingly stiff D, and the long run by Kevin Smith, the Leo's lead at the half for the first time in...Well, in the regular season, I honestly can't remember.

Dan Orlovsky has been "meh" at best. He's 5-10-39 yards.
Kevin Smith has been the entire offense, 5 carries, 62 yards. Rudi? 5 carries, 1 yard.
The Detroit defense has 4 sacks, and has been the story of the game.

I got an email from a Roger asking for a pic of a hot chick to keep our spirits up. There ya go, Olivia Munn wearing a nerd's dream, the Princess Leia bikini!

A note from Josh in the comments...

You know something's wrong when the Vikings don't score over 30 points on that Lions D.

Fucking A'. If I'm a Vikes fan, I'm not happy. Not happy at all.

See you in the 3rd quarter.


  1. The Rams/Redskins announcers are making fun of the Lions. "How about that score, Vikings 2, Lions nothing." Other guy, "Well, Lions nothing doesn't surprise me."

  2. You know something's wrong when the Vikings don't score over 30 points on that Lions D.