Sunday, October 05, 2008

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions - 3rd quarter: Fire Marinelli!

I tuned in the Lions radio call for a second. Dan Miller: "Well, there's not much you can say..." No shit, Dapper Dan. Nothing you can say over the airwaves that wouldn't have the FCC on your ass in a heartbeat, anyway. 

FOX quoting Marinelli: "This is not the team I expected to see after the bye." Uh, what team have you been watching over the past month, Rod? I totally expected to see THIS team today!

The Bears will start the 2nd half with the ball.

Ooooo, Casey FitzSimmmons limps off after the kickoff, and curls up on the cart, holding his nuts. My nuts just went into my body cavity.

Of course, there was a flag on the Lions, so they will have to re-kick to Hester. He's down at the 29, the Bears gain about 10 yards on the exchange. Nothing is going right for the Lions.

On 2nd and 10 from the 40...Whistles? Great. Ernie Sims is hurt. Doesn't look serious, but it's just piling on to the Lions' woes.

Amazing. 3rd and 4, Orton hits Olson on a short pass, and he takes off for 26 yards. The Lions' defense is already gassed, being on the field almost the entire game.

FOX shows Orlovsky warming up on the sidelines. Just as I thought, we may see Dan O soon.

It's 3rd and 11 from the Lions11.  Orton's back...Looks for Booker deep...HOLY SHIT! Booker with a GREAT one handed catch with a Lion hanging all over him at the 3! And there's a FLAG! Marvelous play by the Bear WR!

Let's sort this out. Refs say no catch, but there is defensive pass interference. Either way, the Bears have 1st and goal. A red flag? What is Lovie challenging? The catch? Why bother? We'll find out after the commercial...

Hey, the Bears get the call, it's a catch. 1st down at the 2.  The Bears gained 6 yards, as the interference was at the 8.

ARRRGH! Kalvin Pearson drops a sure end zone pick! Shit. This is gonna cost them. 2nd down.

The Bears decide to stop fucking around, and give the ball to Forte right up the middle. TD Bears. With the PAT, 24-0 Chitown.

FIRE FUCKING EVERY...Hell, why bother? It doesn't seem to bother William Clay Ford. Nothing is going to happen. Marinelli will continue to run this team into the ground. I can't see this team winning more than 2-3 games, do you? It's gonna get real ugly in the D Monday.

To pour salt into the GAPING wound, the Lions are called for holding on the kickoff return! Way to go, guys. What a fucking embarrassment.

And here comes Dan O to the rescue! Lions ball at the 7. A handoff to Rudi gets zip. FOX infoms us that the team thinks Kitna is still da man!  Whatever.

Dan O is back...Just avoids a sack in the end zone...dumps it off to Felton...Who piledrives into a Bear tackler, getting an extra 5 yards, nice pla...BALL! It's a fumble! FUCK! Bears recover!

Red flag from the lame duck! It's a challenge by the Lions. I think this one they are goign to lose, but at 24-0, why the Hell not try. Nuttin' else to lose at this point.  Hey, Felton was down by contact, they keep the ball. WHEEEE! This is game changer! Right? Right? Hell, who am I kidding?

3rd and 3. Dan O is back...fires the ball towards Williams...TIP DRILL! PICK!  Tillman strolls into the end zone, and you'd swear the game was at Soldier Field by the roar of the crowd.

31-0 Bears.What else is there to say? The Lions are a God awful team. 

If I don't start laughing about this farce, I'll be crying.

The FOX guys are discussing the Lions. Baldinger: "This is a poorly coached team." 

FUCKING WORD, BALDY! Marinelli is in so deep, so over his head...Hell, I'm out of metaphors.

FOX now shows a clip of Williams screaming, waving his helmet around! He's showing up the coaches. Not that I blame him, but he's playing like utter shit too. Plenty of blame to go around, Roy.

Lions punt, Hester has the balll....FUMBLE! Lions recover at the Bears 22. Too little, too late.

A dump off to Felton gets a 1st down, Lions well within the red zone. 1st and 10 at the 11. Again, much too little, way too late. But we'll still hear Marinelli say some bullshit about not giving up tomorrow.

It's a handoff to Smith...nothing left, cuts right....finds a hole...TD Lions. woo.

31-7, Bears still up big. We hear "Gridiron Heroes" in the background, and it's kinda sad when no one is signing along. 

Lions do a nice job on the kickoff, stopping Hester short of the 20. Big fucking deal. FIRE KWAN!

The Bears will want to run clock, as there is still a ton of time left in the game, just over 6 minutes left in the 3rd.

It's Kevin Jones right, cuts back...has Orton leading him...1st down! Nice run by Jones. Good on ya. He had his problems with the Lions, but he left body parts all over over Ford Field. Can't say he was cut for a lack of effort.

3rd and long...Orton is back to throw...He takes off, as the outside is wide open, and he lumbers for the 1st down. Typical lack of fundamentals, as the contain was nowhere to be found.

Bears continue to grind it out, now 3rd and 6 from the 50. The long ball falls incomplete, but the Bears will be able to pin the Lions deep. They also ran over 4 minutes off the clock. I don't think they are too worried about Dan O leading a comeback.

Lions will take over at the 19. Say what you will about the previous head coaches during the Millen era, at least they weren't getting blown out in the 1st quarter. Marinelli is the worst of the 3. It's true, Moronwheg and Mooch, bad as they were, weren't near as fucking awful as Mr. Pound The Rock.

Back to the game. Lions at their 28. Dan O is back...looks for Roy...almost a pick! This offense under Dan O is still fugly.

Another ugly incompletion, and the Lions wull punt. Bears take over at their 31.

We get a long shot of the stands, and see fans leaving in droves. Only Bears fans are left. This was the last sellout of the season, save for Turkey Day, folks.

The Bears are giving Kevin Jones the satisfaction of beating the Lions, as he is still in the backfield. He takes a pitch...finds a hole...he's down at the 47! Nice run.

That's the end of 3. 31-7 Bears. 15 minutes to go. It can't end soon enough...

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