Sunday, October 05, 2008

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions - 4th quarter: Seriously. Fire Marinelli

As we start the 4th, the Bears are pounding the ball on the ground. They have driven well into Lions territory giving the ball to Jones and Forte.

Thew drive runs out of steam (as am I) at the Lions 27. The Bears will try a 45 yard FG. Gould nails it. 34-7 Chicago.

There is no defending the Detroit performance today. There is no excuse for coming out so fucking flat after the bye week. None whatsoever. For that reason alone, Marinelli should get the ziggy.  Let not forget the fact he's supposed to be a defensive savant, and his team has the WORST DEFENSE IN THE NFL!

The Lions are a fucking joke. Marinelli's a fucking joke.  It's all a bad fucking joke.


The comedy on the field continues, as Dan O and Williams miscommunicate on a pass. The Bears don't have to defend the pass, as the Lions are doing a fine job of it themselves.

The Lions are driving, but it's in fits and starts. They find themselves 4th and 3 at the Bears 30.

Billick: "They gotta go for it here." REALLY? Fucking brilliant deduction! No wonder you're in the booth, and not on the sidelines...

Dan O is back to throw...And hits Furrey a YARD SHORT OF THE 1ST. A yard short of the 1st down on 4th and short. You fucking...ARRRRRGH! How..why...what...HUUURRRR.....................................

I need a drink.

Bears have the ball, are driving again. Under 7 minutes left, as they move into Lions territory.

How can Marinelli keep his gig after a 4th straight blowout? How?
Now today, with 5 minutes left, 34-7.

Every game was over by halftime. The offense is unimaginative, and the defense would be better served with 11 tackling dummies on the field.

Marinelli needs to go. Tomorrow.

The Bears have just rolled over the 400 yard total yard mark. Wasn't this supposed to be the year the Tampa Too really got to strut its stuff? I've seen better defenses on a sandlot. The Lions, after 2+ season with Marinelli at the helm, are the worst team in football. Period.

Lions cross midfield, 3:40 left.

A few notable stats:
Calvin Johnson, 2 catches, 16 yards.
Dan O 11-19-73 yards
Kevin Smith 7 carries, 29 yards.

There's the Lions' youth movement at work! It doesn't get fuglier than that.

4th and 7, 2:45 left. Gosder Cherilus gets beat badly, and Dan O is PLANTED into the Ford Field turf.

I guess I was wrong. It just got fuglier.


I don't care if there is no one capable of running the team. Marinelli has lost this team. He's not coming back next season. So just cut your losses, and can him. Fuck it, give Colletto the interim gig, he's got head coaching experience. Anything would be better than this shit.

The Lions get the ball one final time with 0:22 on the clock. It's a handoff to Smith, he gets nothing.

Game over. 34-7 Bears is your final.

Bench Kitna. Fire Marinelli. Fire Joe Barry. Especially Joe Barry. No other defensive coordinator would still have a job after 4 consecutive debacles.

I don't care who, I want someone PUNISHED. With fucking malice.

Blow it up.


  1. Love the live blog, definitely sums up a true lion's fan's frustrations.

    I do have a question though... Can the Lions really afford to fire Marinelli? He's already a "lame duck" coach (God, I'm even sick of hearing that phrase). I mean I'm assuming the new GM will want to hire "his" guy and all. And we can't hire a legit GM until the season is over. :(

    Ugh. This sucks.


  2. I know much of it was the emotion talking, but someone needs to pay. I want pain inflicted upon the Lions coaching staff and front office! Coming off a BYE WEEK, and looking this bad? Indefensible.

    I know the Lions probably couldn't get away with canning Marinelli, but Joe Barry and Jim Colletto HAVE to be on the hot seat.

    Especially Joe Barry. No other d-coordinator in the NFL would still have a job after their defense pulled 4 straight no-shows, giving up over 30+ points a game. As the season goes on, Mr. Pound The Rock's son-in-law keeping his job despite putting together a league worst defense will take on a life of its own.

    It is already, if you listened to the post game presser. Marinelli was raked over the coals. The media smell blood in the water, and will go in for the kill Monday.

    Thanks for the kind words about TWFE, Tigsfan!

  3. Unfortunately I'm stuck at work, so I missed what had to be an amazing Presser. :(

    BUT, I do completely agree that someone needs to be accountable, Marinelli will probably have to wait till the end of the season to be canned unfortunately, but as always Stan Kwan (aka jackass) and Joe Barry (aka "Duhr da Duhr") both deserve equal blame for this horrendous team. As a matter of fact this whole coaching staff SHOULD be let go, but due to their current circumstances, will probably keep their respective jobs until the end of the season.

    If Marinelli does in fact get fired (which still would be an amazing thing), one can only pray for who would become interim head coach...

    All I can say is GO WINGS!


  4. al, take it easy brother. you're already bleeding internally, don't make it worse by fretting over the shitty kitties. it's not worth it.

    since the alleged curse will end tomorrow, guess we'll find out next sunday if the lions supernatural woes will be over.

    stanton's time is coming, and i hope it happens next sunday. the coaching staff will remain the same until the end of the season. we have nobody else who is better than the current regime, unfortunately.

  5. I appreciate your concern, Anon. I just I didn't lose any more blood while losing my shit watching the Lions! But I want head to roll, I want blood...Wait. That didn't come out right...

    Hey, we can only hope the "curse" is the reason behind the Lions' struggles. I doubt it, but hope springs eternal.

    I agree Stanton is going to play, and play fairly soon. But Marinelli so God damn thick headed, we'll likiely see Kitna under center next week.

  6. With all the "lame duck" talk they could put in the AFLAC duck with a cast on one webbed foot to coach.

    If I ever meet Jason Hanson I am going to give him a hug because I feel so sorry for him.

    (I'll ask first so I don't get arrested.) :)

  7. Baroque, the ALFLAC duck couldn't do any worse. And that's sweet of you wanting to hug Jason Hanson. He deserves it. Hell, he probably needs it...