Sunday, September 21, 2008

Memo to William Clay Ford: Blow it the F*CK up

I don't give a shit about the future, as there is none. Just blow the whole God damn thing up. This season is over.

Is "epicer" a word? If not, it should be...

Time of death: 7:15 PM Sunday night, September 21, 2008.


  1. Second! Complete disaster.

    Give the fans a kernel of hope by firing EVERYONE today.

  2. I haven't actually seen an entire game this season, and I haven't felt like I missed much whenever I saw the score.

  3. I have watched all three games this season and I'm not really all that invested in the Lions. I usually watch all of the games but it doesn't bother me when they suck (all of the time). I can only imagine *really* being a fan of this team and having to watch yesterday's game. That was quite possibly the worst pro football game I've ever seen.

  4. The only problem is that if Ford blows it up, he'll still be the guy hiring the people to put it back together.

    It's enough to make you want to put your head in the oven. An electric oven.

  5. the ONLY way this team is going to get better is when ford sells the team and dies.

  6. Al, you have to relax. Why is it, for example, that the only coach that the Lions could get two and a half years ago was an unknown position coach? Because a real coach would have seen what total FUBAR the Lions are and would have said "NO" before the question was asked, or would have wanted player personnell control far beyond what McMoron was willing to give. Right now the only coach who would take on this mess is Rich Rodriquez--he has never signed a contract in Ann Arbor that has ever become public, so he could walk without fear. He could "install a new offense" during the bye week, lose the next 13 games, make a terrible draft mistake, and lose 16 more next year. There's no help for the Leos. Really. It's time to let go. Do a Post-Mortem on the Tigers. Do a Red Wings preview. Rip Joe Dumars for signing Kwame Brown and Michael Curry for suggesting that Kwame might start. Write something about the Ryder Cup (what a long strange trip that was Saturday, switching between the afternoon four-balls and MSU-ND. And both turned out real well.) Tell us if MSU is for real. Preview the Battle of the Rodents, Badgers vs. Wolverines this weekend. Anything, just let the Lions go.