Sunday, September 21, 2008

Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers: 2nd quarter - Bringing the pain!

Edit 10:15 PM: I'm home! I had a nice time with the family, but I'm still bummed I couldn't finish the live blog. Unfortunately, I couldn't even finish the 2nd quarter due to circumstances out of my control.

My cable went out at approximately 5:20, with a good 5 minutes or so left in the half. (4:20 would have been more fitting, but hey...) Thanks so God damn much, Charter! I pay you literally an arm and a leg for the shittiest service this side Comcast. But it's not like I have a choice in providers for high speed internet. But I digress...

I had to leave at halftime anyway, heard the rest of the game on the radio. It's fair to say if I had live blogged the 3rd and 4th quarters, it just would have been more of the same. I'm sure I'd have lost my shit, so to speak.

I'll touch more on loss number 3 Monday. I'm tired, I've had a few beers, and there really isn't much more to say about the 31st worst team in the NFL. (We can all agree the Chiefs are the worst in the league, right?)

I'll do a post mortem on this game, and the Lions season, because this season is OVER, tomorrow.

After a false start, it's 1st and 15 from the 28. TE screen! He's all the way down to the Lions11! Jesus, the Lions are, are...well, suck ass.

It's Gore up the gut..down at the 5. Niners on the doorstep. It's Gore again, this time it's stuffed. Baldy is going on how the Lions miss Martz. Actually, they MISS HAVING TALENT. Screw Martz, he was part of the problem.

It's a pitch to Gore...Big hole in the middle, scores untouched. Jesus fucking Christ, the Lions are AWFUL. Just fucking AWFUL. FIRE FUCKING EVERYONE! Seriously, let's blow it the fuck up, and start over. Couldn't be any worse than this bullshit.

For the 3rd game in a row, the Lions are down early, and down big. So much for pounding the motherfucking rock.

YES! WHAT A RETURN! Middleton to the 30. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

A short pas and run by Rudi leave 3rd and short at the 39. We've seen very little of Smith since early in the 1st. Boy, the draft is looking better and better. Rudi gets the 1st, at least.

Kitna is back...HUGE pressure, as Backus looks damn silly diving at the rush...Kitna throws...Incomplete pass on a dropped ball by the TE.

Fake reverse, handoff Rudi...There's a hole, it's a 1st down and more, goes for 16 yards, and into Niners territory.

Kitna looks for Williams on 1st down, an out pattern hits his hands, falls incomplete. It would have been a tough catch, but he still should have come down with the ball. You want to get paid, you need to make plays. Period.

Rudi is looking good, as he gets 10 on a sweep. Ball at the Niners 30. Harris and Rudi have been the best Lions by far.

Khalil is hoping in the comments...

Lions gonna make marts look good just like they make any team they play look good........but I still Got Hope.....Please lions please just dont go down 21-0 again!!!

We shall see, the Lions are driving, but have a 3rd and 10. Kitna's back, but checks down to Furrey on a cross, gets 4. Joey Harrington would be proud.

Jason Hanson is on for the 44 yard attempt...DRILLS IT! Thank God for Hanson.

14-3, Niners still lead. I'd imagine Martz is on the sidelines, shaking his fist at Marinelli, saying "DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU TO HELL!" OR something like that...

Hey Khalil, you got your wish!

Niners will start at their 27. Hey, we see Brian Billick for the first time!

JT is back to pass...The TE is open deep! SHIT! But it's underthrown, the DB is able to break it up. A good pass goes for a TD. But there is a flag, holding the fucking Lions. Figures. Make a good play, but it's nullified.

JT is back to pass again...LOTS OF TIME....Johnson is open in Lions territory, 1st down at the 44.

JT again looking to's caught at the 24, 1st down.

JT back to pass...TD. 24 yard pass to Walker. Piece of cake for the Niners. Piece of fucking cake for Martz.

21-3 Niners.

Jesus, what in the fuck is wrong with the Lions? Oh yeah, they have moron running the team, a position coach pretending to be a head coach, and absolutely no talent.


  1. Oh yes i believe..........That the lions will fire millen in 2 years tops.....I really don't wanna wish this on the lions but if they go 0-16 they'll have to fire em won't they??

  2. Al, I must say that reading your recap is 1000000000% better than getting to watch the games. Keep it up.


  3. "Oh yes i believe..........That the lions will fire millen in 2 years tops" I think you've confused believing with praying to God. Man does this to suck ass.

  4. *Man does this team suck ass.

  5. Gotta pull for 0-16. The sooner they get rid of Millen the sooner they can continue to delude their fans into thinking they care about winning.

    Quality is job 1!!!

  6. Well at least they only spotted their opponent 14 this time. Baby steps people, baby steps.

    Will the Old Man really blow the team up? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Notice what Al was saying about FoMoCo in the preview. And I just keep remembering years ago reading in one of the fishwraps that WCF was kinda regarded by his own family as a bit of a dumbass. Look at the Company and the Team since his brother died. Results speak for themselves, no?

    Actually, maybe calling him a "dumbass" doesn't do him justice. Perhaps we could say that WCF is the Millen of the auto industry.

  7. Another thought: I was watching this fiasco at BW3 with a young lady of my acquaintance. As the game went on, I was cheering every time the Puddy Tats messed up. She asked why I was rooting against my team. I told her that sometimes one has to lose a battle to win the war. The worse they are in the short term, the more likely that the team will blow up and be remade by people who know what the Hell they're doing.

    Or is this a case of my hope making a fool of my reason?