Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm still around...

I apologize for the lack of content recently. Between having family in town, and a medical issue cropping up, sports have taken a back seat at Casa Del Big Al for the last few days.

Today was typical. I was pondering what I might write about today, and there's a knock at the door. I happily surprised to see it was my dad, wanting to hang out, then get some lunch. He, being a typical parent, is worried about me. Why?

Let's go back a few weeks... I see my rheumatogist at U of M every 4-6 months, depending on how I'm feeling. Part of the 3-4 times a year drill is to have blood tests, to make sure the numerous meds I take for arthritis and pain aren't doing more damage to me than the disease itself. During my last visit a couple of weeks ago, my rheumatologist told me my blood counts are down, amongst other things, and believes I may be bleeding internally...or something. He's not sure, and tells me to see my GP soon, and have him delve further into what's going on inside me.

So I went to my GP, who looked over the info sent down from A2, and he immediately scheduled me for more tests. I had blood drawn, and several tests performed, this past Tuesday afternoon. I was supposed to call a couple of days after the tests, and then see the doc over the next couple of weeks. But my doctor's office called me first thing Wednesday morning to schedule an appointment to talk about the results. It caught me totally off guard, as it deviated from the original plan. So it seems they may have found something. What that something may be, I don't know yet. I'll find out Monday afternoon.

I'm just trying not to worry about it, as this may be something minor. But as you also might guess, my parents are alarmed. Instead of heading back to Florida Sunday, my dad even decided to stay in town an extra day or 2 till we know more.

So that's what's up. I'll get something posted on TWFE over the weekend, and I'll go from there...

As always, thanks for reading, and FIRE MILLEN! Wait...


  1. I certainly hope it's something minor. I definitely don't want anything bad to happen to the funniest blogger in Metro Detroit.

    Good luck with everything.

  2. Best to you Al, and thanks for keeping this out-of-state Detroit fan connected to the other pain and suffering in your life, our Detroit Lions.

    Long time reader, first time commenter, fellow (psoriatic) arthritis sufferer,


  3. ^ i concur with what those 2 said.

    this is proof that being a lions fan is literally bad for your health. ;)

    stay strong and think positive al, it's prolly nothing. :)

  4. Hoping the best for you, Al!

  5. Maybe it's nothing major, but the doctor wants to get all his appointments out of the way before going on vacation. Or deer hunting. Or something.

    I hope all will be well. It stinks worrying about people I've never even met. :(