Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chuck Hernandez is now a true Michigander. He can file for unemployment...

If you had bet on Tigers' pitching coach Chuck Hernandez to be the first casualty in response to what's been a God awful 2008 season, you can now collect.

 The unemployment office is that way?
The Tigers have decided to fire pitching coach Chuck Hernandez, the Free Press has learned.

Detroit manager Jim Leyland said prior to this afternoon’s game that the team was not ready to make any announcement related to its coaching staff, but club officials have indicated for several days that general changes were imminent. The dismissal of Hernandez appears to be the first of them.
I'm sure there will be more scapegoats to come. This is only the first move of many, as I'd expect the Tigers to react to the most disappointing season in Detroit sports history very swiftly and with extreme malice. Heads will continue to roll. Hernandez was just first in line.


  1. This was not a surprise. The pitching staff has been horrendous.

  2. Yeah, but look what happened to the supposed pitching genius in Atlanta, Leo Mazzone, when he went to a MUCH LESS talented staff in Baltimore.

    Funny how having Avery, Smoltz, Glavine, etc made Mazzone such a genius, huh?

  3. This season

    Jeremy Guthrie>Justin Verlander
    Daniel Cabrera>Kenny Rogers
    Armando Galarraga>Garrett Olson
    Brian Burres>Nate Robertson
    Bonderman/Willis=Radhames Liz

    I think most people would agree Detroit has much more talent in their starting rotation this season. Leo Mazzone seemed to do a better job with less talent. Just sayin'.

  4. I think we can take away a positive away from this weekend. The Lions didn't lose. Much as I'd like to see the Tigers finish with a W tomorrow, it would be handing the division to the Twins. But a win would also deprive the CheapSox. This is like a basketball game in the 90's between Syracuse and Georgetown. You know that either Boeheim or John Thompson, II, is going to lose. It would be nice if they both could lose, but knowing one of them would made it all worthwhile.