Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions: 4th quarter - Could this still be a game? Sorry, I spoke too soon...

How about a little urgency? Maybe a no-huddle offense? Run up to the line? Hell, no. The Lions come out like it's the 1st quarter. What the fuck? You're down 2 scores! (If they can convert a 2 point conversions, but I'm getting waaaaaay ahead of myself)

Kitna looks deep for Williams, he's grabbed...FLAG! Pass interference on the Pack. 1st down Lions.

Lions are in Green Bay territory. A pass to Furrey gets 7.

Kitna is back on 2nd and 3...he throws a pass behind Johnson...who bats the ball in the air, swoops it up...He's gone! WHAT A PLAY! Touchdown Lions! 38 yards, longest play of the season! That was all Megatron, people.

With the PAT, it's 24-16 Packers. Is this a game now? Could be...

Packers need another drive here, as the Lions, and the fans, seem to finally be in the game.

After a flag on the return, the Packers start at the 10.

1st down pass...incomplete! Fans are really getting into the game!

A qucik pass to Driver...gets nothing! 3rd and long! Is it possible the Lions D can get a must have 3 and out?

They do, as Rogers is pressured and taken down after a short gain.

Pack will punt. The Detroit fans are LOUD!

WHAT THE HELL? The snap goes right through Ross' hands! The ball bounces over the end line...Holy shit, it's a SAFETY!

Packers' lead is down to 24-18! Now it really is a game! I'm at a loss. I'm happy, but at a loss. I did not expect the Lions to make this a game.

Lions take over at their 45 after a short punt. WHOOOO!

It's Kitna to Williams...1st down at the Packer 39!

Rudi Johnson up the gut gets a couple...FUCK! FLAG!

It's holding on...Backus. 2nd of the game. 2nd at a really bad time of the game. You dumb SOB! Christ...

1st and 20. A short pass to Willaims gets a 6. Furrey is open on 2nd down...But Kitna throws it behind him. SHIT! Kitna has not been accurate today.

Kitna's back to throw...Looks for Johnson at the sticks...But Al Harris knocks it away. So much for that drive. Not one of Kitna's shining moments...

Harris' punt pins the Pack deep. They'll start at their 9. Lions need a stop. Need a stop, bad.

Huge push by the Lions' front, stuffs Grant for a 2 yard loss! Redding was all over him!

Rogers with a short pass over the middle, 3rd and 4. Lions need to get the D off the field...

Rogers rolls out...He heaves the ball DEEP...Jennings has a step...It's knocked down by the Lions! Bullocks with a big play! Shit, that was close...

Furrey takes the punt...Finds a seam...He's down at the Packers 47! YES!

Kitna's back to throw...Finds Johnson in the middle...He breaks a tackle...breaks another tackle...makes Harris whiff....HE"S GONE! TOUCHDOWN LIONS!

25-24 Detroit Lions! Son of a fucking bitch, what a comeback! Wow. Just wow. Calvin Johnson is a man amongst boys.

Hanson booms the kickoff, touchback. Damn, Hanson has big leg today.

Now it's the Packers imploding. False start! They are deep in their own end. 2nd and 13 from the 17.

SHIIIIIIIT! (that's the exact way it came out of my mouth) Jennings crosses the middle, hauls in the pass...He's off to the races! Out of bounds at the Lions 24. ARRRRRGH!

2nd and 8, Lenon drills Jones...incomplete! Wow, Lenon made a play? Never thought I'd see the day...

3rd and 8, Rogers is pressured....rolls right...Jackson is open at the 5...HE DROPS IT! Would have been a 1st down! Ooooo, the Lions dodged a bullet there!

The Pack has to settle for 3, but they do take the lead 27-25. Only 5:17 left in the 4th. Shit, we have a ballgame!

Lions will begin on the 20, touchback.


Kitna throws an ugly ball, Woodson with the easy pick at the Lions' 40. It was badly under thrown. BADLY. Kitna and those fucking turnovers! He has not had a very good game. SHIT!

A run, and a couple of passes have the Packers at the Lions 20. It's 3rd and 1.

It's a handoff to Jackson...He's got a hole....YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME! Jackson's gone, un-fucking-touched, into the end zone.

3:31 left, and the Lions are down 2 scores, 34-25. After a wonderful comeback, the Lions just piss it all away. Between the defense's inability to tackle, and Kitna's propensity to fuck things up, the Lions didn't have a chance.

Lions take over at their 30. A Pass to Furrey gets 9. Kitna is back to throw again...PICK! Woodson is GONE. TD Packers. Help me, Jebus.

That was an AWFUL pass. Just fucking awful. Kitna, you fucking ASS! Where's your God now? (Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

41-25 Green Bay, 3:09 left. and this game is over.

Dave adds the following in the comments...

I'm guessing Charles Woodson believes in now - what a game-changer.

No kidding. Believe in now, my ass.

The Lions will be throwing every down, not that it makes a difference at this point.

Kitna's back to pass...Picked. Collins strolls into the end zone, untouched. Doesn't get easier than that, folks.

48-25 Packers. God dammit. God dammit to Hell.

Just bench his sorry ass now. Wait, they can't do it. Why?

BECAUSE THE LIONS DON'T HAVE A CAPABLE BACKUP. It's Kitna or bust. Bust it is...

Anon is damn unhappy in the comments...

shitna saw his td:int ratio and just had to make things right.

fuck ford, fuck the lions, fuck the nfl, fuck the slappies, fuck me, and fuck you.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Fuck us all.

What? Orlovsky is in the game? No fucking way? No, it's way. Orlovsky is under center, Kitna is on the bench. Where's your God now? (OK, you know me by now, I can't help it!)

Makes no difference, as Orlovsky goes 4 and out. 1:19 left. The Packers go into "Victory formation."

Dave adds a very good comments about the Lions' offense...

12 rushes...I thought Martz was the problem? When are the Leos gonna pound the rock?

It's more than Martz, obviously. The ineptitude is institutional at this point.

Lions lose in one of the most painful ways possible, 48-25. That's the game, and to be honest, the season. Maybe even Marinelli's head coaching career after this season. This was the sort of loss that could, and probably will, send this season into a death spiral. Not that it would be a bad thing, if it means the Fords fire everyone.

I'll say this...I do not want to hear any "moral victory" BULLSHIT! Because that's all it would be, BULLSHIT. Something Rod Marinelli is awful good at spreading....




  1. I'm guessing Charles Woodson believes in now - what a game-changer.

  2. shitna saw his td:int ratio and just had to make things right.

    fuck ford, fuck the lions, fuck the nfl, fuck the slappies, fuck me, and fuck you.

  3. 12 rushes...I thought Martz was the problem? When are the Leos gonna pound the rock?

  4. hope there's an all out riot outside ford field and everyone in the lions organization gets knocked the fuck out or ends up in the hospital for the rest of the season.

    i'm done with this shit until they start winning consistently.

  5. 1) "Shitna" is the funniest thing I've read all day - easily.

    2) This season is most definitely over. Marinelli barking at Caputo in the post-game presser is a guy being called on his bullshit and knows the clock is ticking on his job status.

  6. Well, at an average of 41 ppg allowed, they'll give up 656 points this year. Maybe that, plus an 0-16 record will finally get Molestache Millen and Rod the boot out of Detroit. But what then? I am sick of this pathetic excuse of a fucking team.

  7. for the first time as a former lions fan [as of today], i didn't turn the radio back on when i saw that they were leading cuz i KNEW someone [money was on shitna, hanson, roy, or redding] was gonna fuck it up.

    roy is the worst kind of receiver cuz he makes the impossible catches, but can't remember to hold onto the fucking ball when he's on his way to the goddamn endzone. i mean, seriously, WHAT.THE.FUCK?!?

    this team has no depth and that means that if the starters aren't on their a-games at ALL times, they will continue to lose. i say to hell with the lot of them....of course, hell would prolly throw them right back at us cuz even hell is too good a place for these fuckers.



  9. Well fuck. We are all fucked my fellow Lions fans. It's too late for us.

    All we can do is raise our children better than our fathers raised us. Which is to not let them become Lions fans.

  10. Last week i said i was done, as i dropped the f bomb about 30 times. How do you throw 3 int in a row and still keep your position. Please sit this bum down. Lets go break Micheal Vick out and give him a job. Drew Stanton look good in preseason when thumb heals hopefully next week sit kitna bum ass down after a couple plays just so shitna can get his startin role just to keep the lions moral up then bench his bum ass seeing as none of the team member have the courage to see what they really feel you could see it in there eyes at the end of the game "damn wtf was he think he threw three innos this dudes a bum ima beat his ass in the shower"

  11. Here is a quick QB comparison between the "Savvy" and "experienced" veteran and his younger counterparts.

    Jon Kitna: 45-74, 61%, 538yds, 4TD, 4INT, 78.5 rating, and 8 sacks

    A rookie and a first year starter versus the Lions "Revamped" secondary: 33-51, 65%, 489 yards, 4TD, 0INT, 122 rating, and 2 sacks

  12. From the Freep comments:

    CASpartan wrote:

    The Lions sure did suck today. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!
    09/14/2008 6:41:40 p.m. EDT

    I feel so bad for all the Lions fans. You poor souls. :(

  13. I didn't watch the game but followed along online. One of the nice things about living outside the Metro Detroit areas is that the Lions are never on TV. The Lions are an awful franchise and there really isn't much more to say.

  14. Battleship, I'm in the same boat. I watched Denver and San Diego. Maybe it's a moral victory that the Lions just got their asses handed to them, rather than losing to the refs like the Chargers did.

    Sigh. I was gonna to Hooters and watch this, but I would have puked up my wings on some bimbo"s orange shorts.

  15. I really appreciate the comments everyone. I feel better knowing my pain is being shared. Well, not that much better, today's game BLEW.

    Fucking Lions.

  16. SELL THE LIONS. I would rather have no team than go through this shit every week. Los Angeles Lions... has a catchy ring to it if you ask me. I didn't parlay the Lions in any bet this week. This is the first time in 3 years I think... and I had a very successful 90% win ratio by not including them. I don't understand how fans can identify the problems, yet Millen, Marinelli and the Fords can't seem to figure it out. The Fords need to spend money on some premier players (yes, other than Millen), and they won't. They actually end up with decent talent cheap somehow every year, and end up paying shitty ass vets, AKA BACKUS, wayyy too much. The Fords will realize soon that they need to spend money to make money, and maybe that will finally be the move they need. The Lions can't sell tickets anymore, I would venture to guess that they are making nearly half of what they made in previous years. Figuring ticket sales, merchandising, concession and television blackouts, they've hit the bottom of the barrell. The Lions are the team nobody wants to watch... including fans in their own state.