Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions: 3rd quarter - More of the same

A quick look at the Lions' stats shows the day's futility...

Kitna: 11-18-99
Smith: 6-26
Williams: 1-9
Johnson: 2-30

An offensive juggernaut, they are not.

Lions start the 2nd half at their 25. Smith off tackle gets 2. Johnson on a cross gets 8, 1st down. So far, OK. Let;s see more...

Smith crosses the 40 on an off tackle run. Smith again, gets 4 and the 1st down at the 45. OK, that's something. Probably wishful thinking, but the game isn't over, right?

Kitna look for McDonald deep...Harris knocks it away. 2nd down.

IT's a quick pass to Williams, he takes it well into the Packer territory ar the 32.

It's a hand off to Smith...No, it's a flea flicker! Kitna throws deep...Williams is double covered, the ball is well over his head anyway, Green Bay wasn't fooled one bit.

3rd and 10, Kitna looks for Johnson over the middle...Everyone wants a flag as the ball falls incomplete. No flag coming though. There was contact, but enough for a flag? I doubt it.

Hanson comes on, and drills a 49 yard FG that would have been good from 59.

21-6, Packers.

3 points is all well and good, but the Lions need TD's, and plenty of 'em. Field goals aren't going to cut it.

Chris isn't happy with the Lions in the comments...

I'm pretty sure my 1-2 high school football team could dominate the Lions defense -- and we're only mediocre at best most weeks.

I think my high school team would dominate them too, Chris. And we're all in our 40's now! //rim shot// We're here all week folks! Try the veal!

Pack starts at their 22. Handoff..BALL ON THE TURF! Shit, Packers recover.

Grants off tackle is out to the 25. 3rd and 6. Need a stop.

Rogers is pressured, scrambles left for the sidelines...Redding MISSES him, and Rogers tip toes his way up the sideline for the 1st down. You gotta be kidding me. Nothing is going right for Detroit. //face palm//

Hey, the red flag! We have a challenge from Rod, they think Rogers stepped out. It looks awful close... Let's go to the tape! Nope, let's go to commercial. Fucking FOX.

Rogers sure looked out, but the refs think different. Play stands as called. I'm not going tom rip on Marinelli for that one, he had to try.

Rogers is back to pass...He's hit by White...BALL! White recovers! Lions' ball at the Packers 29!

For this to be a game, the Lions HAVE to get a TD here, you think?

Smith gets a couple. 2nd and long. Kitna's back...AJ Hawk just bowls him over on the blitz, SACK. A loss of 7. 3rd and long.

Kitna drops back...looks over the middle...incomplete. Shit. I had my hopes up for a second. But only a second.

Hanson is on from 53. He nails another long one. The man is a machine. An old machine, but a machine nonetheless.

21-9 Packers. Is it now a game? The score says it is, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

Pack will start from their 29. They need to stop the momentum of the Lions! YES THEY DO! OK, I'm trying, but I'm just not feeling it. It still doesn't feel like the Lions are in this.

Packers are trying to grind it out, as 2 Grant runs leave a 3rd and 4. Fans are getting into it.

But the excitement is shortlived, as the Rogers converts on a short pass. 1st down at the 43. Meh.

It's Jackson around the corner, makes a Lion miss...of course...and gets 10 yards. They are in Lions territory. Jackson gets 8 more. The Pack are driving...again.

A quick slant to Driver, and it's another Packer 1st down. So much for any momentum the Lions had...

A pair of incompletions...drops, actually...and the Pack are 3rd and 10 at the Lions' 31.

Flag! Rogers is pointing at the Lions.

Yep. Langston Moore on a neutral zone infraction. Christ. 3rd and 5.

Rogers to Driver gets 5...No, he breaks the tackle! Of course he breaks the tackle! He's down at the 9. 1st and goal, Green Bay. I knew any thoughts of this being a game were ludicrous.

On 2nd and goal, Rogers has what seems like a full minute, there's utterly no pressure but he has to throw it away. Nice coverage by the Lions.3rd and goal.

Rogers hits Driver at the goal line, but he's hit hard, and drops the ball. Packers will have to settle for a field goal.

The chip shot is thru, 24-9 Packers. 2:28 left in the 3rd.

They only got 3, but Green Bay chewed up a massive amount of time on that drive, which is all they really needed to do. They are still up 3 scores. Shit.

I hate being a Lions fan. What did I do to deserve this?

Lions start at the 23.

Kitna is sacked on 1st down. As if I expected anything else.

On 3rd amd 18, Kitna drops back...spins out of trouble...looks downfield...Furrey is open for the 1st down...and leads him too much. Incom-fucking-plete.

Lions will punt.

To make matters worse, Harris misfires badly on the punt, Packers will start at the 50.

I'm not even pissed off at this point. It's like I've reached a level of acceptance. We know nothing will change. Nothing at all.

The Lions D get the 3 and out, as a 3rd down pass falls incomplete. There's 0:05 left in the 3rd.

The Packers' punt is in the end zone, Lions start at the 20.

But that's the 3rd quarter. Lions win it 6-3. Too bad they were already down 21...

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