Monday, March 24, 2008

Pros and cons: Miguel Cabrera's contract

The big news in Detroit this past weekend was the Tigers and Miguel Cabrera agreeing in principal to an 8 year, $152 million plus contract. For the most part, the contract has received nothing but praise. The Tigers have the best young player in baseball locked up through the prime of his career.

But signing anyone long-term, no matter how good he may be, has risks. Even a player with hall of fame talent has issues. So it seemed like a good time to bring out a TWFE staple, pros and cons.

Now that Cabrera is as rich as Scrooge McDuck,
which player will we see for the next 8 seasons?

Skinny Miggy?

Or chubby Miggy?
Only time, and Jenny Craig, will tell...

Pro: At an average of $19 million a year, in comparison to the money given to a much older A-Rod, Cabrera's deal could be considered a below market contract.
Con: It's insane when $19 million per anything is considered "below market."

Pro: Cabrera is only 24, and likely to get even better.
Con: Cabrera was a fat 23, and there is the chance he'll get even fatter.

Pro: Cabrera is locked into spending his athletic prime as a Tiger.
Com: Cabrera is locked into spending his eating prime as a Tiger.

Pro: We'll see no more of Brandon Inge's bat at 3rd base.
Con: We'll see no more of Brandon Inge's glove at 3rd base.

Pro: Cabrera prefers to play 3rd base, and a quality bat at the hot corner is hard to find.
Con: Cabrera plays 3rd base like a left fielder, the position he is much better suited to play.

Pro: Cabrera will be a constant threat to win the Triple Crown.
Con: Cabrera will be constant threat to eat his weight in Wendy's triples.

Pro: Cabrera will be kept in line by quality Latino teammates like Pudge Rodriguez, Placido Polanco, Carlos Guillen, and Magglio Ordonez.
Con: By the time Cabrera reaches his prime, his teammates will be well past theirs.

Pro: Cabrera will consistently put up a .325/.400/.560. stat line.
Con: 325/400/560 will be his weights in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Pro: At Cabrera's stat page , the player "Most Similar by Age" is Hank Aaron.
Con: At the International Federation of Competitive Eating, the eater "Most Similar By Age" is Joey Chestnut.

Pro: Cabrera has received votes for MVP in every full season of his career.
Con: MVP = Most Valuable Plumper

When you look closely at the pros and cons, one thing becomes clear. The Tigers need to hire a dietitian.


  1. I know: Marlboro Man can get him hooked on the ciggies. That'll keep him scrawny!

  2. Nothing wrong with signing a future hall of famer even if he is FAT!! Look at Tony Gwynn and how he was able to keep the weight off during his career and now looks like one of those characters eddie murphy plays in his stupid movies.