Monday, March 24, 2008

A memo to the sports blogosphere

To: Sports bloggers
From: Big Al @ the Wayne Fontes Experience
Re: NCAA brackets

As one of your own, I'm going to be truthful because it's for your own good.

So you are a blogger who picked Davidson to make the Sweet Sixteen? Had Duke getting knocked off in the first weekend? Called Sparty's tourney run? Your Final four picks are still alive? Congratulations! Good for you.

Just keep this in mind. I don't care.

Sure, we all did brackets, be it online, in the office, at your corner bar with your buddies. Filling out NCAA brackets is the American way. But there is no such thing as "bracketology." It's pure, unadulterated, bullshit fueled by MSM hype.

I honestly don't give a shit...No, make that two good or bad your NCAA brackets turned out. You are in the 90th percentile? I have no interest whatsoever. Picked every upset in the first two rounds? Big fucking deal. You aren't some bracket savant, you got damn lucky.

We all hear the stories on the Monday after the first weekend. There's a secretary who has never watched a college basketball game in her life, made her picks using favorite colors as a guide, and did just as well as you. Some dude sitting in a sports bar did his brackets while drunk off his ass on Jagermeister, yet he managed to more games correct than you.

Lucky or good, idiot or genius, at least they didn't feel the need to incessantly talk about their picks.

Please, I'm begging you. Enough already. Do us all a favor, and declare a moratorium on blogging about your brackets, OK? Thanks!

Regards and salutations,

Big Al

PS: Everything I said above also goes for your fantasy baseball/football/basketball/hockey/cricket/lawn bowling teams. Got it? Good. We're cool.


  1. But we can still blog about Curtis Granderson's bracket, right?

  2. and can I still blog about my WNIT bracket?

  3. Well, those are special circumstances! You have my official permission!