Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - Joey Blue Skies is looking for a job

In a move totally expected if you've been a fan of any team Joey Harrington has played for, the Atlanta Falcons released Joey Blue Skies today.

Please pardon me for a second, I need to say something...

To all those Falcons fans who invaded TWFE with pitchforks and torches last August when I claimed Harrington would lead them nowhere but to the bottom of the standings, once again, I have to say, I TOLD YOU SO! I SOOOO DID! BUT WOULD YOU LISTEN? NOOOOOO!

Thanks for putting up with the post jack. We now return to your regularly scheduled blog post.

In comment thread to the Harrington article, baleedat asks a silly question.

Anyone think he would have done better had he played for teams that didn't stink so bad?

Dude, come on. Does this question really deserve an answer? In fact, you should turn the question around. Would the teams Joey played for hadn't have picked him up, would they have sucked less?

In Detroit's case, definitely.

Joey will be looking for his strawberries and champagne
while wearing another uniform...An Arena League uniform.

A bust is a bust is a bust. Without question, no doubt about it, Joey is a bust. A 3rd overall pick who will be forever known as a BUST. A MASSIVE bust. The Lions would have been better off going in any other direction but Harrington's.

The number 3 overall pick should be...No, the 3rd overall pick HAS TO BE a franchise player. A game changer. The best player on your team. A Pro Bowler. A team leader. One of the best overall at his position. Harrington was none of those things. Not even close...

Now Joey Blue Skies is on the job market. You have to wonder how many more shots he's going to get in the NFL. The Lions, Fish, and Falcons let him walk with absolutely no regrets, even though each team had serious issues at QB. When you can't beat out the likes of Jon Kitna, Cleo Lemon, or Brian Leftwich (2 journeymen, and 1 "you gotta be kidding me, he's starting?"), I think that says it all about Joey Blue Skies.

Despite those facts, Harrington will probably land on a NFL roster somewhere to hold a clipboard. (the only job in the league he's capable of doing well) Which has me wondering why NFL coaches have yet to realize what fans did years ago...

Joey blows, and blows hard.

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