Thursday, March 06, 2008

Once a Masshole, always a Masshole

Did you know the Celtics won the NBA Eastern Conference last night? Really, they did! I didn't think it was possible, as the playoffs are still a month or so out. But I saw all the crowing coming from the Massholes claiming the east has been won!

Well, damn. Who knew? I had no idea that last night's game was going to be winner take all as to who is the best team in the east.

As if you needed any more reason to despise Boston fans, this what's being spewed from your typical, annoying as all fuck, Masshole...

Wow. One win over a tired Pistons team, and they are suddenly nothing but a bunch of whiny pushovers? (I'll give them the occasional whining) Talk about putting the cart in front of the pussy.

Wicked pissa! Or whatever the Hell they mumble in Beantown...

They're being awful presumptive about a Celtics team that had been totally irrelevant for 2 decades. Now they beat the Pistons, though that only makes the Celtics all of 1-1 this season at home against Detroit, and the season is over? Christ almighty, get off your God damn high horse.

The Celtics had been off since Sunday, and were calling this a "must win" game. The Pistons were in midst of a back to back, with screwy travel conditions thanks to weather, and have known for years that the regular season means jack shit.

Yet I see amazingly hyperbolic trash talk coming from Boston. Such as the following from the above linked Barstool Sports...

Any doubt now who the best team in the East is?

KG dominated. Maybe he got tired of all the media blowjobs given to LeBron and Kobe lately in the MVP debate.

Rondo had the best dunk I’ve ever seen live

So why am I a bit pissy this morning? No, it’s not the fact that I felt like I was raped after paying $28 to park. It’s because the Pistons are playing the “we were tired” card.

Pussy. You mean the players couldn’t sleep until noon? Spare me the whining, unless you play in the NFL.

Uh, who's the one giving the blow jobs here? Get off your knees, wipe your mouths, and hold off awarding the east to the Celtics for at least a couple of months.

Hell, I'm just fine and dandy with the Celtics keeping the number one playoff seed. Let them play the Cleveland LeBrons in the 2nd round. The Celtics can deal with stopping LeBron James over a 7 game series, wearing both teams out before the winner meets the Pistons in the east finals. I'm looking forward to watching a long, hard, difficult 7 game series, with the LeBrons and Celtics beating each other up. I'm sure the Pistons are too...

The Pistons are in fine shape just where they are. Leading the Central, with the 2nd seed, giving the young bench plenty of PT while giving the starters moderate minutes, getting Lindsey Hunter and Theo Ratliff up to speed, and saving their energy for games that really mean something.

That being the playoff games, not a meaningless one in early March.


  1. Heh.

    Nice to know that hockey fans aren't the only ones who put the cart before the horse when it comes to regular-season vs. playoff games.

  2. Jeez, those Boston "fans" must be all worn out from threatening Rupert and calling him names at the Ghosts after his post about the soon to be collapsing Patriots. They couldn't even find the bait in this post, let alone rise to it. And, where are those brave defenders of Joey Blue Skies now that the Falcons have cut him? They seem to have fallen off the map, too. I'm surprised that they didn't come over and start beating their chests over the Braves taking out the Tigers in a Spring Training game.