Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - Joakim Noah has something in common with Jon Kitna

Today's Freep ran a short piece showing the Jon Kitna-level of delusion the Bulls' clownish Joakim Noah has in regard to the Pistons.

"I feel like we're different, but I feel like at the same time, with our style of play, there's no reason why we shouldn't have beat that team," Noah said. "I think Detroit's a great team, but I still feel like we're better than them, really. I feel like we're a better team."

Freep commenter dasunrisin replied much in the way I would have...

self delusion is the most powerful force in the universe.

Well, the bible thumping Kitna wouldn't agree with that assessment, but then again, I've never had a miracle recovery from a concussion.

The reason I mentioned Kitna is he would blurt out the same sort of comment as Noah's after another Lions loss. He would often say something ludicrous and totally delusional, such as, "We beat ourselves," "The plays were there, but we didn't make them," or "We gave the game away." Let's not even go into his 50 touchdown passes and 10 win predictions, or his never taking the blame.

It just goes to show that self-delusion often runs rampant in sports. Though I'd cut the younger Noah a little slack because of the following reasons...

1. Noah's a loon. He has more hair than brains. The suit he wore to the NBA draft is proof positive of Noah's loopiness.

Um, yeah. I'm supposed to take what that smilin' goon says seriously?

2. The Bulls did go 3-1 against the Pistons in the regular season. The operative words being "regular season." Noah needs to learn the regular season means 2 things to the Pistons. Jack and shit. His Bulls may match up well against the Pistons, but playing Detroit in March is something altogether different compared to playing them in the playoffs. Not that Noah is going to find out what the playoffs are like this season.

3. It's Joakim Noah, for fuck's sake.

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