Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - Mark Schlereth has taken one hit to the head too many

Making predictions for the Detroit Lions to be successful never, ever work out.

When Dan Pompei was with The Sporting News a few years ago, he predicted the Lions would win the Super Bowl, only to have said prediction blow up in his face before the season was less than 1/4 over.

We all remember Jon Kitna's 2007 predictions of 10 wins and 50 TD passes, and how that turned out.

The latest Lions prediction destined to make the predictor look silly was in today's Freep.

The 4 Letter's Mark Schlereth didn't get the memo that the Lions are, and always will be, lousy. On yesterday's Sportscenter, possibly after taking a sharp blow on the noggin, Schlereth claimed the Lions would finish 9-7 in 2008.

As you might guess, the comments ranged from being incredulous...


9-7? I'll believe it when I see it. Still going to root for these guys, but I've become all too familiar with getting my hopes up only to be disappointed over and over again.

When are these idiot analysts going to realize that the Lions plain suck? With this year's schedule, I think the Lions fall to 4-12.

WHAT IS ESPN SMOKING!?!??! The Lions are a 3-13 team at best next year. And all the fans w/ season tickets will continue to fill Ford's wallet!!! Good luck w/ that

somebody has been hitting that courvoisier real hard!!!

To the cluelessly optimistic....
Lions will go 14-2 this year

the Lions are going to Win the division this year!

I love the Lions. I also hate the Lions. For that matter, I desperately want them to win, and win a ton. I also, even more desperately, want them to lose, and lose badly. When it comes to the Lions, i have more more personalities than Sybil.

Such is the thought processes of a any fan of the Detroit Lions. This dichotomy within Lions fandom always turns up in any and every article about the team. no matter how positive or negative the article is regarding the Lions, most fans just rip into the team, and into those who prefer to look at the bright side.

Then there are the few, the proud, the blindered Lions lovers, who believe the team is "thisclose" to having a winning season/making the playoffs/not embarrassing themselves. They often call out the haters as not being true fans.

Sometimes I just want to cry out like Rodney King, and say "Can't we all just get along?!"

It's never gonna happen, but it's nice to think about. The battle between those who do not believe in the Lions and those who do is as contentious a battle as the one between the Detroit suburbs against the city itself. No one is going to give an inch, both sides believe they are right, and nothing will ever change.

Much as it's nice to think about Lions fans joining in a chorus of 'Cumbya," it's nice to think the the Lions are capable of winning more games than they lose.

I guess that's my long winded way of saying it's never gonna happen. No choruses of "Cumbya," or the Lions doing anything other than breaking our hearts.

Not while the porn 'stached goon is around, anyway.

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