Monday, March 10, 2008

Comcast and the Big 10 are finally calling a truce? Hallelujah!

From all accounts, the Big 10 and Comcast are on the verge of kissing, making up and getting into bed together. In other words, the Big 10 Network may finally show up on Comcast expanded basic within the "Big 10 footprint."


Considering it's taken over 8 months for the opposing parties to get to the point where they are near an agreement, I'd expect it'll take another month or 3 to get the i's dotted and the t's crossed. I doubt it will be in time for most fans to watch the early rounds of the Big 10 hoops tournament, unfortunately. No Wolverines or Spartans for yours truly, unless they advance.

That the 1st round tournament games are on the Big 10 Network, rather than on the 4 Letter, which had been the practice since the tourney began, is screwing we fans over...Again. I'm getting used to being bent over, not that I like it...

The news of d├ętente having been reached between the Big 10 and Comcast is all well and good, save for one thing. I'm in a Charter Communications market. Well, fuck me.

I can only hope once Comcast, the lumbering, money first, customers last, big bully of the Michigan cable providers falls into line, that the smaller ones (Charter, Time Warner) fall like so many dominoes.

It can't happen soon enough for my tastes. Not that any of the cable companies asked, or even care about the fans. Which is why I pay entirely too much for my cable package, have 3 useless shopping and 2 even more useless religious channels on my basic cable lineup, while I have to pay extra for ESPN Classic and the NHL Network, with neither the NFL or Big 10 Networks even available to me.

Fuck big cable! Fuck 'em high and hard!

I know writing that makes not a whit of difference, but at least I feel a little better.

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