Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Detroit Pistons as seen thru the music of...Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

As it's been a couple of months since my last "As seen thru the music of" post, I've been itching to do another. You all are also aware that I was one of the few sports bloggers that actually defended, and very much enjoyed, the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers halftime show.

"I'm also the voice of Lucky on 'King of the Hill!'
Can anyone on Nickelback say that? Can Jay-Z? Didn't think so!"

So put 2+2 together, and what to you get? Yep, another self-indulgent music post from Big Al, featuring one of my all-time favorite bands, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. (You kids out there who like the rap and the emo wanna make something it? Huh? Huh?) I've been a big Petty guy since high school, which is more years back than I'd ever care to admit, so you know I've been a fan for a long ass time.

So one under appreciated group meets another, as we take a look at the team with the 2nd best record in the NBA (Though you'd never know it thanks to the MSM's preoccupation with the Celtics) Detroit Pistons, as seen thru the music of the band the snot-nosed sports bloggers think are too old (As if we'll still be listening to 50 Cent in 20 years...HA!), Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Rasheed Wallace: "I Won't Back Down" - Into the paint, as 'Sheed loves to fire up treys all night long.

Rasheed Wallace: "Mary Jane's Last Dance" - Hey, it's a drug joke, get it? Mary Jane is what the old folks call the Chronic. You know, doobage? Weed? Pot? It's a marijuana reference! 'Cause 'Sheed's been known to toke! Jesus, you people sometimes...

Rasheed Wallace: "Too Much Ain't Enough" - Is 'Sheed's philosophy when it comes to referee baiting.

Rashhed Wallace: "Straight Into Darkness" - Is where the the refs would love to send 'Sheed...

Rasheed Wallace: "Don't Do Me Like That" - What else would 'Sheed say after getting T'ed up? (OK, OK, I'll stop with the 'Sheed stuff. But it's soooo easy...)

Chauncey Billups: "Refugee" - Billups bounced around the NBA like a Katrina refugee, until he landed with the Pistons. Now he's a rich refugee...

Rip Hamilton: "Century City" - The the next town over from "Rip City." No? It's where the "Tramp ball" is held! (OK, they're a stretch, but you try and do this!)

Antonio McDyess: "You Got Lucky" - What else, other than getting lucky, can explain Dice's strong as balsa wood and paper mache knees holding up?

Tayshaun Prince: "You Don't Know How It Feels" - To be so freakish physically. Come on, Prince is so God damn long, he has to be a mutant!

Jason Maxiell: "I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better" - When the baby eater learns to shoot from farther than 3 feet out from the hoop...

Jarvis Hayes: "Something's in the Air" - Oh, it's just another Hayes air ball...

Amir Johnson: "The Waiting" - We're all waiting for Johnson to live up to the "He's like having another lottery pick" hype we were all fed when the Pistons signed him to a 3 year deal.

Lindsey Hunter: "Breakdown" - Is what I've been waiting for the 75 year old Hunter's body to do. Amazingly, it hasn't...Yet.

Aaron Affalo: "A Face in the Crowd" - That's all I thought Affalo would be, who knew he would be part of the rotation?

Rodney Stuckey: "All Mixed Up" - Even though he shows flashes of the good stuff, "All Mixed Up" is how Stuckey often looks when he's running the Pistons' offense.

Flip Murray: "I Need to Know" - How much longer this stiff is going to be on the roster.

Primoz Brezec: "Yer So Bad" - That Flip Saunders will only play you in garbage time.

Walter Herrmann: "Don't Come Around Here No More" - Is what Herrmann will be told by the Pistons at the end of the season.

Cheick Samb: "Free Fallin'" - All the way down to the D-League...

Flip Saunders: "Even the Losers" - As the lyrics go, "Get lucky sometimes..." Lucky to fall from an on the decline Timberwolves, and into a loaded Pistons roster, that is... Think Flip thanks Larry Brown daily for getting the 2 year itch?

Joe Dumars - "It'll All Work Out" - Was Joe D's mantra with this core of Pistons, though everyone wanted to blow the team up after the Cavs playoff debacle. Shows what we knew...

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