Monday, February 04, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day: Super Bowl edition

Today's COTD is from the Little Fella's column in the Freep. His ode to the Giants winning the Super Bowl brings the Freep's commenting wingnuts out in force.

The following pithy thought from kj1975 is one of the few that didn't have any of the over the top hate the Patriots tend to bring out in most internet types...

Impossible? Try predictable, because that is what is was. Cheaters never win.

I think kj1975 forgot about the Patriots' 3 previous Super Bowl wins. Cheaters do win, at least 3 out of 4 times.

Tell you the truth, the main reason I picked the comment from a Super Bowl column was to give me an excuse to post my random and scattered thoughts about our unofficial national holiday.

1. Tom Petty rocked, despite what what the majority of the blogosphere claimed. Then again, I'm biased, owning damn near everything Tom Petty has ever recorded. I'm also of a vastly different music generation, being older than your typical snot-nosed 20-something sports blogger. Your typical sports blogger wouldn't know good music if 50 Cent hit them over the head with a double LP, Nickelback wrote a song about it, then Britney Spears starred in the movie version.

You know why the NFL tends to use "older" acts? It's not just because of the lack of controversy and wardrobe malfunctions. It's also due to the fact the NFL is run by older white men who love bands like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Hell, I thought Prince was great year, despite the general panning he received from the bloggers.

Say what you will about the NFL's lack of hipness, I have no problem with their taste in music. As Homer Simpson once said, "Everyone knows rock n' roll attained perfection in 1974; It's a scientific fact." From Homer's mouth to God's ears...

Now you kid bloggers get the HELL off my lawn!

2. As for the advertising, it was mostly disappointing. I will admit that the talking baby saying he underrated the creepiness of clowns, and the screaming animals, along with the Alice Cooper sighting, in the Bridgestone tire ads got laughs out of me. So did Charles Barkley annoying the living Hell out of Dwayne Wade in the T-Mobile ad. (Barkley is solid gold in anything he does, he can do no wrong. "HD stands for high definition." HA!) The Chester Pitts commercial for the NFL gets extra points for the acting and oboe skills of Pitts. As for Justin Tinberlake getting clobbered over the head? Can't see enough that...

The Adam Sandler trailer made me NOT want to see the movie. (Is he blatantly ripping off "Borat?") The beer ads were disappointing, to say the very least, though Will Ferrell in his Jackie Moon ABA character did give me a few giggles. The strange Naomi Campbell ad with the dancing lizards left me saying "What. The. Fuck? " The rest (Giant rats, nodding heads, Godfather rip offs and so on) left me feeling meh.

3. Late in the pregame show, FOX had current and former NFL stars reciting the Declaration of Independence. Uh, just one question. WHY? OK, one more. What the fuck does one of the greatest and influential documents ever written have to do with an overrated and over-hyped football game?

4. Watching Bill Belichick leave the field before the end of the game didn't really mean all that much, but it did confirm that he's one of the biggest douchebags on planet earth. Losing a perfect season couldn't have happened to a bigger prick.

5. I wonder what all the New York fans and media that all but hung Eli Manning in effigy are thinking now? Not that he'll ever get an apology. I'll guarantee it now, the first bad game he has during the 2008 season, they'll be all over his ass.

6. A Boston team lost! It was nice to see Boston's overbearing and obnoxious fanbase have their balloon burst. Next to go down will be the Celtics...

7. The Eli Manning to David Tyree pitch and catch may have been the best play ever made in such an important, pressure filled title game. I really thought Manning was going down, then I figured his throw had PICK written all over it. That Tyree even got his hands on it was impressive enough, but to hold on to the ball?! Come on, you never see a play like that in Madden, let alone in the Super Bowl...

8. Tom Brady hasn't been hit that hard, or that often since...Actually, I've never seen Brady take such a fierce beating in all his years with the Patriots, or for that matter, with the Wolverines. The Giants defensive line was the true Super Bowl MVP.

9. Think Belichick is being second guessed for going for it on 4th and 13, from the Giants 31, in the 3rd quarter? That would have been a very makable 48 yard field goal attempt. Not a chip shot by any means, but definitely within the range of any NFL kicker. He should be grilled by the Boston media and fans for showing such hubris in his play calling. Those 3 points sure could have come in handy...

10. Remember how asinine Jon Kitna sounded in claiming the Lions were a better team than the Giants, despite losing 16-10? His bitching sounds even more asinine now.

11. What's the absolute worst thing to come from this Super Bowl? That Mercury Morris, Don Shula, and the rest of the 1972 Dolphins didn't become irrelevant.


  1. It seems to me that Joe Buck had the under in "How many times will Joe Buck say Peyton Manning?"bet. I only counted one, but I learned that a man who is adroit with his remote can watch two football games and one movie and not miss a beat, so between the game and the replays of the EPL game I might have missed one or two.
    And don't be dissin' Jon Kitna. This game is proof that the Lions should be Super Bowl Champions.
    Finally, next time Fox has the Super Bowl maybe Vegas can run an over-under bet on how many times Tray Aikman says "I mean" and "you know." The trouble is that some poor court stenographer would have to listen to the whole game and then some other poor say would have to count the phrases. But the over-under number would have to be around 575 for "I mean" and 476 for "You know."
    And the commercials sucked.

  2. Damn, you are in feisty form today!

    I agree, buck and Aikman bring very little to the broadcast that isn't annoying. It didn't help that the game was pretty much a snoozer till the final 15 minutes.

    As always, the Super Bowl, and everything that goes with it, is more sizzle than steak.

  3. I have no comment on Tom Petty.

    I turned it off when halftime began and back on 30 minutes later. I always found Tom Petty to be bland and boring. I don't how he ever became popular. I just know I respect my ears too much to subject myself to that!

    And the commercials were boring...

  4. It didn't help that the game was pretty much a snoozer till the final 15 minutes.

    I disagree. I was riveted the entire time, mostly because I was amazed at the way the Giants were bringing pressure from everywhere and overwhelming a team that prides itself on being prepared for every contingency. The hitting and ferocity alone kept the game interesting when it was 7-3.

    And yes, Belicheck is a douch and it gave me great pleasure to watch him suffer through another post-game loser interview.