Friday, February 08, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day - Trading Shaun Rogers is lame brained

Killer Kowalski decides to nip the Roy Williams trade rumors in the bud, claiming the Lions would rather keep the legend in his own mind wide receiver. It would take "overwhelming value" in return to even contemplate a trade, as Detroit would rather get one more big season out of Williams before he bolts for free agency.

Killer also claims the Lions won't franchise their mercurial wide out, and are hoping that Mike Martz leaving town will help convince the diva receiver to re-sign with the Honolulu blue and silver. As for Shaun Rogers, the Lions are much more open to unloading the rotund one for less in return.

Being this is commentary from the Killer, just conjecture on his part, and not news, it should be taken with a truckload of salt.

Mliver origintsi1 decides to comment on something the Killer said, but your guess is as good as mine what that might be. I think (But I'm not totally sure) it's about the Big Baby situation, but I have no fucking idea what he's trying to say. Not a clue...

ok i dont understand half u lame brains... tradte rogers? u guys do not look at two key points do you?? for one teams game plan around this guy whether he gives his all or not..which frees up somebody on D. Two, another big gap to fill which u lames think draft will take care of..oh which u also think draft will help DE LB corner right? Mr M. should stay with his first plan and build around him..frickin pend the cash on the ends and lbs in FA and hope for a top Corner pick in the draft ..we need to fill holes not make them and putty it up with a less than talent person who we will end up cutting the next year or benching by game 6

WHAT? I'm at a loss for words, I can't literally describe how this "comment" (Word used as loosely as humanly possible) scrambled my thought processes.

Is this English? Maybe a bastardized version of our language? Is English even the first language for origintsi1? It's as if he's writing in tongues.

I honestly believe this comment was originally written in a foreign, even otherworldly, language, then run back and forth through a translator a few times, resulting in something that is utterly, marvelously, amazingly impenetrable.

The "comment" is as dense as a mixture of smoke, fog, methane and mustard gas. It's as sensible as US foreign policy. It's as informative as one of Emmitt Smith's ESPN appearances.

It's as if you took the combined DNA of Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson and Franz Kafka, added PCP, crystal meth and LSD, added a dash of absinthe, shook it all together, gave it birth in-vitro via Freddy Kruger's mother, and you'd still end up with a mind who couldn't write something this incomprehensible!

I've come to a conclusion. I've decided this is the BEST COMMENT EVER! It will never, ever be topped.

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  1. Somebody gave Matt Millen a computer, I guess. Calling himself "Mr. M," now, that's slick.