Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More proof that the MSM are clueless bastards

As this seems to be turning into bash the media day at TWFE (Thinking about it, it's always bash the media day at TWFE!), I've just seen their latest crime committed against humanity. The baseball hall of fame vote.

The hall of fame vote always shows the BBWAA at their most biased. What was the most egregious example of their journalistic inbreeding? The clueless, elitist, dumbass, press box freeloading, ink stained know-nothings at the BBWAA gave Alan Trammell a whole 18.2 percent of the vote. 18.2%? You're kidding me!

If there is one thing that gets me absolutely and irrationally furious as a long time fan of Detroit sports, it's the incomprehensible dissing of Trammell and Lou Whitaker by the voters. They can't get a fucking sniff, yet the Ozzie Smith easily backflipped his good field, no-hit ass all the way into the hall of fame. Would any of you traded Trammell straight up for Smith? Of course not. The Tigers would have been getting bent over in such a deal. 'nuff said...

The fact that Whitaker didn't get enough votes to even stay on the ballot when he was first eligible is fucking felonious. The dipshit BBWAA clowns who allowed that to happen should have lost their rights to vote altogether, as it clearly shows they knew jack shit about baseball.

Want more proof the BBWAA is totally and utterly full of shit? Look at who received votes...

Rod Beck 2, Travis Fryman 2, Robb Nen 2, Shawon Dunston 1, Chuck Finley 1, David Justice 1, Chuck Knoblauch 1, Todd Stottlemyre 1.

Justice? Knoblauch? TODD STOTTLEMEYER? Jesus, what planet are these dumb fucks residing on?

I have a soft spot for Travis Fryman. He was the only legitimate major league player the Tigers' minor league system produced from the mid 80's on. He was a very nice player, a deserving All-Star for a few seasons, and damn near the only Tiger worth cheering for in the mid 90's . I really liked Fryman as a player. But to actually generate votes as a hall of fame third baseman? That's nonsensical.

Then again, any organization that has dimwits like Woody Paige, the Little Fella (How much baseball has Albom even watched since he started writing uber-saccharine, overtly sentimental, lowest common denominator pap aimed towards the Oprah audience?) and Rob "The worst columnist in America" Parker as members, and allows them HOF votes, is going to have nonsensical voters, and deserves to be ridiculed. Ridiculed at every opportunity...

I know the argument can be made that Trammell is a borderline hall of famer, at best. I watched his entire career, and know he's more than that. But I'm not going to argue stats, I'll leave that to the sabers and statheads. All I know is that Trammell deserves more than 18.2% of the vote.

A Hell of a lot more...


  1. Or, Jack Morris. How could those dimwits leave him off year after year. He was the ace of three world series winning teams, plus on the staff of another. Even the other Little Fella--Tim Kurkjian--says he's the best big game pitcher of his era. Safe to say the best since Gibson up to the 7th game of the '68 series. How many big games has Mr HGH, Roger Clemens won? How many did Morris win? The MSM HOF voters are, as the late Hunter Thompson would say, a bunch of waterheads.

  2. Right on the money, Al. The hater in me is most disgusted that Ozzie Smith made it in on the first ballot. How on earth did he deserve over 90%??? This is a player who wasn't as good in the field or at the plate as Omar Vizquel, and there is no way that Vizquel will get 50% on his first try.

  3. For what it's worth, this post reminds me of something I read some years ago in one of the Detroit papers. The HOF ballot included... Champ Summers. For his accomplishments, it listed something along the lines of "played in the Majors for 10 years."

    Which makes Travis Fryman look like a shoe-in.