Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

Pickings are getting a mite slim at Mlive. It seems that, for the most part, football is what powers the insanity of their commenters. I may have to open up COTD to the Freep commenters as well. I hope it doesn't come to that, as the bile, racism, and trolling are of such a high level, I feel the need to take a scalding hot shower to cleanse the slime and stench off of myself.

Mlive commenters just seem a little crazy, but harmless. On the other hand, the odds are good that the legitimately scary Freep commenters are being tracked by the FBI, and quite possibly on their most wanted list.

Still, there is material to be found at Mlive. Their loopy commenters had to throw in their 2 cents on the Mike Martz to the San Francisco 49ers story.

One being IamMillen, who warns niners fans that Martz's "genius" is overrated.

i am very sorry for all them 49ers fans...
you think you got an offensive guru?,
all you got was a huge ass ego who's too stubborn to change any problems
People might call him and offensive genius but all he is is a fluke.
Look at all the talent he's had before, so what if he's good at coaching QBs, let him do that, but to let him make calls is the wrong decision

Good luck 49ers
I am o so sorry

Once you get past the "interesting" use of punctuation, IamMillen makes a good point. I'm not sure the 49ers realize what they now have on their hands. They've hired a prima donna, a high maintenance shaman selling a scheme in search of players who can actually run it. Expect every offensive skill player cut by the Rams and Lions to make an appearance in a 49ers uni. Az Akim is jumping for joy over this news.

Martz is no genius, and is just a likely to have sold the niners a bill of goods. He's a coordinator who believes he is a head coach, and will act as such, undercutting the authority of a coach who is already on very thin ice, Mike Nolan. Hiring Martz is a desperate act by a desperate team run by a desperate head coach, with a desperate fanbase hoping Martz is their savior.

Just like the Lions...

The 49ers will lead the league in passing attempts and passing yards. They'll also lead the league in empty stats.

Good luck San Francisco. You're going to need it.

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