Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Super Bowl media day!

And much like the great explorer, starship captain Jean-Luc Picard, all I can think of is...

God, no. Not this SHIT again...

I'm going to make a pledge right now. I'm going to IGNORE all the over-the-top, utterly ludicrous, mind-numbing, IQ dropping media bullshit that goes along with the 3 ring circus (Because it sure as HELL isn't about the football game!) that is the Super Bowl.

The asinine media day is is just to tip of the hype iceberg.

I'm ignoring the pissing match between the 2 most obnoxious and entitled fanbases in all of sport, the fans of New York and Boston. I'm not going to read flamebait articles by New York, Boston and national sports writers, who use nothing but clich├ęs to compare those 2 obnoxious and entitled fanbases. Living in what the east coast media elite call a fly over state, I don't give a flying fuck about those 2 obnoxious and entitled fanbases, and 99% of the country doesn't give a flying fuck either.

I'm not going to watch the endless Super Bowl self promotion by the 4 letter. I can't even tolerate 15 minutes of Sportscenter anymore, so why would I watch a 2 HOUR version from Arizona? I haven't taken that buffoon Chris Berman seriously for over a decade, so why would I want to know who he picks to win?

The 4 letter's "personalities" are annoying as it is, but get them talking about the Super Bowl? They become unbearable. Sean Salisbury? An uber-idiot. Skip Bayless? Should be euthanized. Mike & Mike? Dumb & dumber.

I don't need every fucking ESPN show to be based from Arizona. While flipping channels, I go by the Mike and Mike (Jesus, they're fucking awful!) simulcast on the Deuce, and they are broadcasting in the God damn dark! No one is around. No one is even up in the Pacific time zone! Why bother?

I refuse to watch any of the lame ass ancillary shows. You know what I'm talking about. Concerts featuring bands I've never heard of, and would never like. Shows recapping previous Super Bowl commercials. (Which is another very overrated part of Super Bowl Sunday) Is there such a thing as "Best of" when it comes to something solely created to get us to buy useless shit? Doesn't anyone get the futility and silliness of watching an hour's worth of ADVERTISING as entertainment?

There's an 8 1/2 hour Super Bowl pregame show on FOX. They are starting their football based programming at 10 Sunday morning! Who has that kind of time? Who watches this shit? I sure as Hell won't.

For my final pledge to you, the readers, whom I'm sure feel the same as me. Fed up and pissed off...

I refuse to pay attention to the Super Bowl hype till 6-ish Sunday night, as that's when the game is about to start. And isn't it supposed to be all about the GAME?

Considering what the Super Bowl has become, the game is the LAST thing it's about.

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