Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Detroit fishwrap comment of the day

We go back to Mlive, and Killer Kowalski's commenting goons, for today's COTD. In talking with the Rod Marinelli, the Killer reports Coach Pound T. Rock claims the Lions won't waive Shaun "I've yet to met a smorgasboard I didn't inhale" Rogers.

But don't think that means Bigger Baby is off the market. The Lions are still going to entertain trade offers for the roly-poly defensive tackle. Coach P.T. Rock says it's all about getting "value" in return. As to how much trade value an obese, overpaid, underachieving, creaky kneed tackle who's one failed drug test away from an 8 game suspension has? We'll soon find out.

My guess? Biggest Baby's trade value is somewhere between very little, and nil.

As comment threads tend to do, they go off track. In debating Chubby Checker's trade value, the Roy Williams trade rumors came to the fore. Many of the trades proposed were on this side of ridiculous, that trading Williams would get two very high draft picks in return, say 1st and 2nd rounders.

Considering the Raiders got all of a 4th round pick for Randy Moss, it's delusional to think Roy Williams would get 2 high picks in return. A 2nd or 3rd round pick would be the absolute best case scenario. Even that's doubtful when you factor in that Williams is going to be a free agent after next season, and then it'll just take money to obtain him.

nailed the true worth of the Lions much hyped wide receiving duo of Williams and Calvin johnson.

based on hype, we have a top receiving duo.

based on production...we're the lions.


I'm going to add a bonus COTD from the Mlive thread just because it made me laugh.

From the fine mind of Mliver JoeySuccubus came...

Pound the rock, losers.

HA! You'd think that Lions coaches would learn that their coaching platitudes don't inspire the fanbase, but only allow us to ridicule them all the more... From "Bus tickets out of town," to "Abandon ship," to "The bar is high, and now "Pound the rock," Lions coaches have been all talk, and nothing more.

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  1. "Commit to the Lion", to borrow a recent phrase.