Sunday, January 20, 2008


Wonderful, just fucking wonderful. Exactly what the rest of our great nation didn't want or need to see. A Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl. New York vs. Boston. Brady vs. Manning the younger. One annoyingly elitist fanbase vs. an even more annoyingly elitist fanbase.

2 weeks of the media wanking off Brett Favre would be easier to tolerate that what we are about to endure.

The moment Lawrence Tynes' field goal sailed over the crossbar, the east coast mainstream media mafia got a raging hard on. A John Holmes on Viagra sized hard on. We will now descend into a Hell on earth, 2 long, LONG, LONG weeks of New York and Boston overload.

You just had to make the God damn kick, you son of a bitch!

Thanks for nothing, Tynes... Fuck you, fuck me, fuck us. All of us fans in the flyover states, whom live in areas that the pompous bastards in the MSM believe don't matter. Fuck us hard, deep. and painfully.

Just kill me now.

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  1. While I agree no one wants to see a New vs. Boston Super Bowl, as a Bear fan living among cheeseheads it's a wonderful moment.