Monday, January 07, 2008

Am I a bad Wolverines fan...

...If I'm rooting for Ohio State to kick LSU, and SEC by proxy, ass?

I'm of the mind that what's good for the Big 10, is good for Michigan and Michigan State. Winning the national title is definitely in the conference's best interest. As a life long Big 10 fan, I can't help myself. Michigan is always first and foremost, but if a Big 10 team is playing, I root for that team.

Even if that team is the dreaded, hated, scary bucknuts.

Tonight, as hard as it is to say, "Go Buckeyes!"

I'm so ashamed.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I (and a whole lot of other Buckeye fans) rooted for Michigan against Florida...fuck the SEC

  2. hohman, I think that's something EVERY fan of a Big 10 school can agree on. Even 2 diametrically opposed fanbases as the Wolverines and Buckeyes.

    Good luck tonight!

    Fuck the SEC!

  3. It is a "moral dilemma" I have struggled with today but ultimately I decided as did you.

    Fuck the SEC!

  4. No dilemma for myself whatsoever. I will NEVER EVER support the Buckeyes for any reason whatsoever. Big 10 or SEC... it should not matter..

    I don't believe the conference should have anything to do with this issue. We (Michigan) beat Florida. Isn't that enough for the folks who really care about how the conference performs?

    Jamie, I believe, spoke at length about this issue on WDFN...

  5. Upon reading my comment, I certainly repeated myself a few times. I apologize for my unfortunate sentence structure and grammar.

    While I am writing again.. Al, your piece on Jerry Green made me spit coffee out on the keyboard.. "curmudgeon" might be the best word uses on here ever. Brilliant.