Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mlive comment of the day

The Killer did his weekly Stoney and Wojo gig, and was lambasted by his acolyetes for several of his comments. Then again, Mlive commenters lambaste anything and everything.

Overall, Killer's prognosis for the Lions is not good. Next season could get quite ugly, which is something most his acolytes will agree upon. Save for one steadfast commenter...

CHIEFGER139 isn't worried. Not at all. Because CHIEFGER139 believes the Lions are in good hands.

even if things start to go bad early in the season next year, millen will once again step in and help marenalli save the season-you can count on it, you all critise, including the media, but they have no idea on what moves millen is making behind the scenes. im sure he had a 3 year plan with marenalli and next year it all comes together and they win the superbowl just like vermeil did it with the rams, sure they lost martz but they retained his genius just so they can win the superbowl next year.remember martz was in on that rams superbowl team and actually marennali is a much brighter coach then vermeil ever was.

Superbowl? A 3 year plan? Millen will save the season? "Marenalli" is brighter than Vermeil? CHIEFGER139 is not only wearing Honolulu blue and silver colored glasses, he's living in another dimension. A nice sounding dimension, a quite pleasant place, but a different one from you and me.

This statement requires no analysis. Actually, I'm just not capable of analyzing CHIEFGER139, as I'm not a trained psychiatrist. Despite the obvious mental illness, I just LOVE this commenter! When CHIEFGER139 defends the undefendable Detroit Lions, it's comedy gold, Jerry, comedy gold!

Mlive commenters are the gift that keeps on giving...

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