Friday, December 28, 2007

Mlive comment of the day

If you are looking for cheap entertainment, it doesn't get much better than perusing the comments at Mlive. Killer Kowalski's articles get the most attention from the crazy ass Mliver's, and today is no exception.

In the Killer's piece about Mike Martz's future, or should I say, the lack thereof, the aptly named LionCrap isn't happy that Martz is a dead coordinator walking. He likes the pass first, last and always, running game be damned, offense. His use of multiple exclamation points, and a plaintive cry to TOM! shows LC's intense frustration with the Lions...

Figures! Our Defense sucks so we run our offensive coordinator out of town. I like pass-happy it's fun to watch and on any given play it could be a touchdown. We don't run the ball because Kevin Jones SUCKS!!!!! HE BLOWS!!!! Why does all the media in this town love KJ????!!! TOM!

Fun to watch? This offense has been FUN TO WATCH!!!??? Dude, are we watching the same games?

As for Kevin Jones, the only time the Lions offense became truly effective were in the games that Jones was running the ball well. Don't you think that it's somewhat out of line to blame a running back for the offense's woes when he touches the ball all of 7 times a game? Jones may not be an ALL PRO!!!, but he doesn't SUCK!!!! TOM!

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