Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report FYI: Detroit Tigers involvment

Thanks to a tip from Mike of The Daily Fungo, I learned that the soon to be infamous Mitchell Report is available for download as a PDF.

Mitchell Report

Now starts the "Find the name" game in the 300+ page document.

I did a quick and dirty search using "Tigers" as the search term. The following names turned up.

Mark Carreon
Hal Morris
Rondell White
Phil Hyatt
Fernando Vina
Nook Logan

That's it, no real big names.

Also, the report states on pg. 111, that near the end of 2004, a Tigers clubhouse employee found a toiletry kit with unused syringes and vials that were determined to be anabolic steroids. It was not reported, and the employee claims that they don't remember to whom it belonged.

Gary Sheffield's name is all over the BALCO section, but that was to be expected.

No Ivan Rodriguez, despite all the speculation.

All in all, there are no bombshells on the Detroit Tigers front...

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  1. But, how about the Roger Clemens part of the story? I guess that's why he can't start pitching until May of each year...he has to let the dope he injected in the fall while he was "retired" clear his system before he unretires and becomes subject to testing. Will the babbling heads who have been worshipping him for the last few years while castigating Barry Bonds step up to the plate and say that they won't vote for Roger the Shooter for the HOF? Will the same percentage of white observors who say that Bonds shouldn't be in the HOF say the same about Roger? It seems that someone asked Roger if he could make an extra $18 mil a year even though it might shorten your life and make your balls shrink to the size of frozen peas, make your boobs look like Pam Anderson's, and cut ten years off your life he said, to quote Pete Townsend, "You better, you bet!"