Friday, December 14, 2007

Mlive comment of the day

For today's Mlive gem, we stay in the Michigan Wolverines section. In an article about Michigan assistant coach Andy Moeller's DUI bust, Wolverine fan taterrific tells us about an encounter with a drunken Moeller and Jim Harbaugh, back in their playing days, and spins it into a "Harbaugh for head coach!" screed.

I have been tempted to tell this story in the forum for awhile, but never found a place where it was appropriate. Now, I have found one.

In the 80's, I was a banquet bartender at a local hotel where the elite, "creme de la creme" Michigamma fraternity had a party. I think it was their formal, but it doesn't really matter.

Anyway, toward the end of the evening, Jim Harbaugh and Andy Moeller walked up to the bar. Well, Harbaugh walked, anyway. Moeller stumbled and yelled for another beer. I told him I wasn't allowed to serve him because he was too intoxicated. Of course, he started begging for a beer in his drunken, slobbering "voice."

Harbaugh decided to take charge, and proceeded to pontificate for ten minutes on why his friend Andy needed another beer. He finally came up with the idea of ordering the beer himself, and giving it to Moeller out of my sight. Since they were staying in the hotel that night, I really didn't give a bleep as long as I didn't see it.

So, I took the following from that encounter:

A) Andy Moeller was a really, really bad drunk. He obviously had the gene that allows people to drink when they are only semi-conscious. I pegged him as a potential problem someday.

B) I was very impressed with Harbaugh for the following reasons:

1. Jim Harbaugh is a cocky SOB. In most settings, this is a negative. In a QB or a head coach, though, it is an essential trait. If a coach or a QB isn't cocky, why on earth would anyone want to buy into what they are trying to do? It's this simple: if you aren't cocky, you probably won't succeed as a head coach or QB.

2. He took control of the situation and negotiated what was, to him, a satisfactory outcome.

3. He had his friend's back.

The moral of this story is that Andy Moeller can be salvaged or at least managed as long as Harbaugh is around to baby-sit and keep him out of trouble. I fully expect to see Harbaugh as head coach and Moeller as defensive coordinator at Michigan someday. If Harbaugh is hired as head coach, Moeller will get a second chance, even if he is eventually fired or not rehired because of this.

Besides, Moeller may go on the wagon because of this and be totally rehabbed by the time he gets to coach for his old friend. It would be a great story, because America loves redemption stories.

Wow. Back in his early 20's, a somewhat boozy and very cocky Harbuagh was a bit of an ass while sneaking a beer for a sloppy drunk buddy, which means that he has the attitude and skills needed to run the Michigan football program?

Hell, if that's true, I'm capable of becoming Michigan's head coach! Where do I apply? Captain Billy, I'm awaiting your call...

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