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The Lions have to win: 1st quarter Lions - Vikings thoughts

The 6-5 Detroit Lions have what is a now a must win game against the 5-6 Minnesota Vikings, thanks to their 3 game losing streak. They managed to hold on the the final playoff wild card last week, thanks to a confluence of events that I don't think will happen again. Every team the Lions needed to lose, lost.

Odds are good that at least 1 team that holds the tie-breaker advantage over the Lions will win today, so they can't afford many, if any, more losses. For some reason, I'm not all that confident that the Lions can pull that off.

We're watching live from the Baggie-Homer-Hefty-Metro-dome, with FOX's C- level broadcast team, Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger. Playoff implications abound today. Thanks to the Lions flailing about, the Vikings are still alive in the NFC wild card chase.

The Lions will receive, and as expected, Avion Cason doesn't make it back to the 20. Detroit will start at the 18.

The Lions start fast, as Jon Kitna hits Mike Furrey on a 10 yard out. Tack on 12 more, as Kitna connects with Roy Williams on a crossing pattern. Mike Martz trying to make a point? your guess is as good as mine...

After an incompletion, it's a short pass to Shawn McDonald for 6. The Lions are flinging the ball all over the place.

SHIT. Kitna's 3rd down pass is knocked down at the line. The Lions' MVP, Nick Harris, will punt. And it's a BEAUTY, hitting at the 5, and bouncing down at the 12! The man knows his coffin corners...

Let's see if the Lions defense can stop the Vikes excellent running game of Chester Taylor, and of course, Adrian Peterson. Peterson is starting. Well, fuck me...

Nice play by the D on 1st down, stopping the NFC rookie of the year for no gain.

YES! YES! YES! Jared DeVries with the sack of Tavaris Jackson! So far, so good. 3rd and 14.

And we have an injury TO, as FOX cuts to Minny O-lineman Bryan McKinnie down on 1 knee. Hey, I hate to see guys hurt, but he's damn good. Get his injured ass of the field! The Lions need all the help they can get!

As we come back, McKinnie is out, Taylor in for Peterson. And you're SHITTING me! Taylor breaks it for 15 yards. MAAAAN!

Jackson to Wade gets the Vikes another 1st down. Peterson is stopped for a short gain on 1st down. He looks tentative so far, I hope he stays that way...

UGH. It's Wade again, to the Lions 44, catching a 17 yard Jackson pass. The Vikes offense is moving the ball well.

ARRRRGH> Peterson no longer looks tentative, as he makes a pair of Lions look foolish, and jukes his way for 28 fucking yards... 1st down at the 16.

SHIIIIITTTT! It's Taylor around left end down to the 2 yard line. It's gonna be a long game..

Come on... Taylor is UNTOUCHED, scoring from the 2, running through a Buick sized hole. Not one of today's Buicks, but one of those monstrous 50's rides, with the speed holes in the fender. The hole was THAT BIG.

That was too fucking easy. 7-0 Vikings.

Holy shit! Cason with the a nice return, as the kicker has to trip him up at the Lions 40! Let's take advantage of rare good field position after a kickoff! we may never see it again this season...

Will Kitna pass? Yep, a quick toss to Roy gets 7. Fuck it, just run 5 wides every play! Martz doesn't take my advice, as a run (!!!) by Kevin Jones gets the 1st down at the Vikes 49.

But the Lions lose 1 on a short pass to Williams. Need to get some points back, come on!

It's Kitna to Walters, leaving the Lions 3rd and 3 from the Vikes 42. Big play!

FUCK ME AGAIN! Fucking Cason is in the game! Then the offense is discombobulated at the line, so Kitna calls the TO. Better than than a blown up 3rd down play...

Marinelli and his musical chairs quote is brought up, as Kitna converts the 3rd down, hitting Furrey on a cross! 1st and 10 at the 36.

Where's the FLAG?! Williams was fucking mugged, 2nd and 10 on the incompletion.

Blitz! Nice pickup, as Kitna dumps it the Jones, who gets 10 more. 1st and 10 at the Vikes 26!

UGH. Kitna drops the snap, but somehow gets the ball to Jones, who gets maybe a yard. That blew!

It a little trickeration, fake pitch to Duckett, and then a screen to Mcdonald! Gets 8, 3rd and 2.

SHITSHITASHIT! Kitna's back, pump fakes...And misses an open Furrey in the end zone. Not even close...

Jason Hanson's on for the figgie from 37 yards out...It looks like he misses...but it's GOOD! Fucking A! 7-3, Vikings still lead with 2 minutes left in the 1st.

That was an OK response to the Vikes TD, but there were more of those same offensive breakdowns we saw last week against the Pack, when in enemy territory.

Nice kick coverage has the Vikes starting at their 16. Baldy brings up the Lions futility in the Heftydome, losing 9 straight. Of course...

The Vikes start with a dump off to Peterson, gets 10 to the 26, while cutting and juking. 1st damn down.

No gain on 1st and 10, Peterson is stuffed on a dive.

OOOOO, Peterson is blown up by Paris Lenon! He falls forward, getting 3.

And that's the 1st quarter folks, with the Vikings leading, unsurprisingly, 7-3.

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