Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's a blowout: 2nd quarter Lions - Vikings thoughts

We start the 2nd quarter with the Vikes facing a 3rd and 6 at their own 30.

UGH. Rice has the Lions' DB all twisted up, and Jackson hits him at the 42 for the 1st down.

AWWWW MAN... Jackson hits Allison on a 15 yard out, breaks an arm tackle, and he's all the way to the Lions 22! Fuck.

Peterson is piled up on 1st down, getting 2. Then it's a dump off to Taylor that gets 7. The Vikes are making it look damn easy. Jackson has all kinds of time, while the running game is, for the most part, punishing, the Lions defense. It's been a very uninspiring Lions performance to this point.

3rd and1 from the Detroit 12. The up man, Richardson, gets the 1st down up the gut at the 11.

The Vikes are called for delay of game, making it 1st and 15. The Lions actually pressure Jackson on 1st down, forcing a throw away.

It's Peterson going right...Beautiful cut...Lions look absolutely helpless as he walks into the end zone! WOW! GOD DAMN IT!

The PAT makes it 14-3, Vikings.

I'm saying it right now, the Lions are going to lose this game. Call it being a Lions fan, but they are showing nothing today. They can't stop either Peterson or Taylor. I expect a loooong God damn afternoon of immense pain.

Cason runs into the pile at the 27, where they Loins will start.

Kitna is drilled as he throws, but lofts a pass to Roy at the Vikes 49! Nice play!

Kitna'a back again...Looking deep...It's Williams at the 10! He's down at the 6! WHOOO!

Kitna rolls left...It's a pass to Sean McHugh, he's out at the 1. 2nd and goal. NEED A TD!

YES! It's a TD pass, Kitna to Casey FitzSimmons! Did I bitch and moan too soon? Hey, I'm a Lions fan, it's what we do.

14-10 Vikings after the Hanson PAT. It's a ballgame again, but the Lions HAVE to prove they can stop, or at least slow down, the Vikes running game.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's Allison with a 103 yard kick return, he was barely touched...Fuck me, fuck me hard.

21-10 Vikings, after the knife in my heart TD return.

The Lions special teams have BLOWN this season. Literally BLOWN.

Cason does his best imitation of a suck ass kick returner, going out of bounds at the 26.

We have a flag, false start on Raiola. Baldinger starts making excuses for him, saying "It's loud." You are the GOD DAMN CENTER!

2 incompletions later, we have 3rd and 15. Kitna's dropping back.... And sacked! He didn't have a chance in HELL of getting that pass off. Awful, awful protection. Lions will punt from deep in their own territory.

After a nifty return, the Vikings will start at their 48. I sense another Vikings score coming up...

To make things even worse, FOX shows Roy Williams having his knee worked on...

On 1st down, Jackson sees a hole, and slides for 6.

This is getting God damn stupid. Taylor breaks the run for 13.

But it's coming back, holding on the Vikes. Makes it 2nd and 1.

Peterson takes a handoff left, sees nothing, heads right instead, picking up the 1st down at the Lions 31. That's a play only elite backs make. He got something out of absolutely nothing.

A Jackson scramble, a Taylor run, and we have another Vikings 1st down at the Lions 18.

Peterson and Taylor are both on pace for 100 yard rushing games... That says it all.

Peterson gets 3 on 1st down, but a Taylor screen is blown up on 2nd down. Vikes are 3rd and 7 at the Detroit 15. NEED A STOP!

You gotta be kidding me! Dewayne White whiffs on Jackson, and he scrambles for the 1st down at the Lions 5.

WHAT? Cory Redding makes a play? It 's a 2 yard Taylor loss. 2nd and goal at the 7.

Jackson's back...Wade is WIDE OPEN at the goal line...Easy TD pass. No pressure on the QB, no coverage in the D-backfield. Suckage all around.

After the kick, 28-10 Vikings, who are kicking the Lions ass. The Lions D is making Tavaris Jackson look like a fucking All-Pro.

WHAT A RETURN BY CASON! He gets over the...20. Lions start at their own 21.

Williams is in, at least that's gong the Lions' way. Kitna hits Furrey on a short pitch and catch, getting 9.

We have the 2 minute warning. Lions could use a 2 minute drive. They need to keep the Vikings offense off the damn field. Same goes for the Lions defense...

2nd and 1 at the 30. Kitna is having a solid game, 15-20-149-1 TD. Can't say the same about the Lions defense...

5 wides for the Lions, but no one is open, incomplete pass... 3rd and 1.

Whew...Kitna to Walters picks up the 1st at the 41.

Kitna with time, it's McDonald at midfield... 2 minute offense is working.

Kitna's back...It's McDonald again at the Vikes 35! Just over a minute left.

FUCKSHITFUCKDAMNHELL! Kitna's back to pass, Edwards on the rush knocks it out of his hands...PICK! Udeza (Hell if I know how it's spelled!) grabs the ball out of the air! He rumbles all the way to the Lions 27... Just kill me now. Seriously, put me out of my Lions misery.

Peterson! It's a sweep left, and he's down at the 13. Christ. TO Vikes, 0:43 left.

Jackson's pressured...Just gets it off, but Ferguson is taken down at the 16. TO Vikes, 0:30 left.

Another Jackson pass...It's a dump off to Richardson! He's down near the 1st down marker at the 5. Shit...

Jackson spikes the ball with 0:09 left, and the Lions Langston Moore is called for a personal foul! When it fucking rains, it fucking pours. The ball is spotted at the 2.

The Vikes have to throw it here...Jackson lobs up the fade...Rice jumps over Fernando Bryant with the NICE TD catch. And the Lions are called for ANOTHER personal foul, roughing the passer. It'll be enforced on the kick off. Whatever.

This just blows.

35-10 Vikings. Yep, I was right. This game is going to a Lions loss.

The Vikes squib the kick, Furrey returns it to the 30, and time runs out on the half. An awful half. A HORRIBLE HALF. A half dominated by the Vikings, as shown by the 35-10 score.

I'd look up a few stats, but why bother? The Lions can't run the ball, or protect Kitna. The Vikings are running the ball at will, allowing Jackson to look like a competent QB. Thus, 35-10 Vikings. Shit.

Season over? Probably.

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  1. Was CJ there today? So far, I don't recall any mention. Though I could be confused by all the Viking images crossing my mind.