Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just end the season already! 3rd quarter Lions-Packers thoughts

On FOX, they are discussing the fact that the Packers did what they wanted, getting the starters some playing time, and no one getting hurt. The Lions radio guys are talking about brats. That's both teams in a nutshell. The Pack are going to the playoffs, the Lions are a bunch of dogs...

The Pack starts on their 35. It's a handoff to Jackson...He breaks a few tackles...And he's off to the races down the left sideline! Jackson is finally run out of bounds at the Lions 19. Yep, let's mail this fucker in, boys!

Just under 30 minutes to go, and you stiffs can all collect your final checks, and call it a season.

Red zone time. A Jackson run gets 5. Nall drops back...And is snowed under by the Lions rush. Shaun Rogers has made his one play for the day, that's the last we'll hear from him. 3rd and 19.

Nall hits Robinson at the 15, and is brought down. it's 4th down, and the Pack will kick the chippie FG.

Crosby drills it through from 33. Packers extend their lead over those hapless fucks known as the Lions, 24-10.

After the kickoff, and a Lions penalty on the return, the team that crushes all hope in my souls will start at their 17.

Duckett gets 2 off tackle. Now Martz decides to run the ball?

FLAG! Woody with the false start. It's isn't a true Lions game without at least one false start.

A Duckett run leaves a 3rd and 9. Kitna's back, Furrey is open about 15 yards downfield...And Kitna leads him too much, incomplete. Kitna's throws have been UGLY today.

Lions will have to punt...again.

The Pack starts at their 37 after a Harris punt. When you think about it, the only Lions who has been consistently good all season is Nick Harris. Can the punter be team MVP?

The Pack fumbles the snap! Let the refs unpile the bodies...Lions ball at the Packers 39!

Kitna with a deep drop...He's drilled as he throws to a TRIPLE covered McDonald...And the Pack DB DROPS what was a sure interception! Damn, that was an another AWFUL throw by Kitna, he caught a big time break. That should have been pick number 3.

After a couple of incompletions, and a penalty, it's 3rd and 18. Kitna rolls right, running for his life, and hits Johnson right at the stick. 1st down at the 29.

The radio guys made it sound like the play of the fucking season! God damn clueless homers.

A slant to Furrey gets another 1st down at the 19.

On 2nd and 10, Kitna throws ANOTHER pass that's totally up for grabs, as he underthrows a jump ball intended for Johnson...2 Packers have a shot at the pick, but can't hold on! Jesus Christ, Kitna is having a horrific game!

On 3rd down, Kitna continues to suck, as he badly misses an open McDonald in the end zone.

Yep, that's the man Marinelli wants under center, a god fearing QB who would rather proselytize than complete a fucking pass.

Hanson comes on to kick a 38 yard FG. 24-13 Packers.

The Pack will start at their 31. Dan Miller is saying something about the Lions desperately trying to get to 8-8. Jesus, does it make a difference? I want them to LOSE! I HATE having to root against the Lions, in a desperate, futile hope the doddering old coot Ford will shitcan EVERYONE, so the Lions can just start over.

A Packers run, and an incompletion have them facing 3rd and 6. Nall scrambles for the 1st down.

Miller says Nall was "Running like Herman Munster!" To be fair, Miller has to say Kitna is "Throwing like Gilligan!" Maybe the Skipper? Nah, he had a good arm...

On 1st and 10 from the Lions 40, Nall throws high to Robinson...He's pancaked by Alexander! Nall hung his receiver out to dry! 2nd and 10.

On 3rd and 2, the Pack are stuffed on a running play. The Pack are going to go for it!

Nall drops back...Martin is WIDE OPEN at the 5! Fakes out of his jock, Alexander whiffs on the tackle, and Martin scores easily. Touchdown by the Packers 5th string!

It's 31-13 Packers after the PAT. The Lions can't even stop the Packers reserves. Pitiful.

FOX shows another replay of the Pack TD, and show that Shaun Rogers was 10 yards back in coverage. Why do you have a 400 nose tackle back in coverage?

FOX spends the next 2 minutes making fun of Rogers weight. GOOD! The fat ass SOB...

After the kickoff, the Lions complete a couple of passes, somehow find themselves in Packer territory. Can you tell I'm losing interest?

On 2nd and 10 from the Packers 47, Kitna drops back...BLITZ! Kitna unloads the ball 15 yards out of bounds...FLAG! Intentional grounding, as he was still in the pocket when he threw the ball away. Make it 3rd and 20.

Kitna is rushed heavily on 3rd down,and has to roll out and throw the ball away...again.

The Pack will start inside their own 20 after the punt.

Miller is going off on the Lions radio broadcast, as a Jackson run that should have been stopped for no gain, instead gets 9 as the Lions miss a couple of tackles. Wow, a little criticism from the homers!

The quarter ends as Nall fumbles, then recovers, the snap on 3rd down.

31-13 Packers after 3. Holy mackerel, the season is almost over! Thank fucking God!

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