Sunday, December 30, 2007

Is the season over yet? 2nd quarter Lions-Packers thoughts

The Pack start with a short pass over the middle, that leaves a 3rd and 3 from the 4.

On 2nd down, Favre drops...Pressured...Rolls right...And finds a wide open Bubba Franks standing at the goal line, as 3 Lions defenders are...are..Well, they sure as Hell aren't defending. They were just sort of standing around Franks. Another EASY drive for the Pack.

With the kick, it's 21-3 Green Bay.

Disgusting performance by the Lions. Moose is speculating that may the the last we see of the Packers starters. For the love of GOD, I hope so. I've had more than my fill of Favre love today. Though you can't deny he's played damn well.

Moose: "Detroit has shown no signs, no signs, of being competitive." Damn straight.

A pass to Duckett has the Lions in Packers territory. Cason running left gets another 1st down. A Kitna to Johsnon pass gets 6. Cason gets 3 off tackle. It's 3rd and a 1 from the Pack 24. Good drive so far, not that it means a fucking thing.

Kitna drops back...This time it's Johnson with a step on the DB in the end zone! And Kitna OVERTHROWS HIM! The 2nd time today Kitna has misfired on a sure TD. Yep, that's the QB Marinelli wants under center...

The Lions go for it on 4th down, and Duckett falls forward to convert. woo.

On 2nd and 6 from the Pack 19, Kitna drops back, throws...TIPPED at the line...PICK! Williams is run out of bounds by Kitna at the Packers 34. Christ almighty, this game SUCKS!

Why does Marinelli insist on playing Kitna in a game that means bubkis? We know what he can do. We have NO IDEA what Dan Orlovsky can do. Today would have been a good day to find out, but NOOOOO. Marinelli is playing for today, rather than the future. Thing is, today means shit, all they have is the future....

I'm not even all that pissed off, as I've accepted the fact the Lions blow goats, and no amount of bitching is going to change anything. Anything at all.

The Pack have called it a day, as 3rd string QB Craig Nall is in the game. He leads the Pack to a quick 3 and out. The Lions only shot at getting back in the game is the Packers packing it in, and it appears they've done just that...

Lions start at the 28 after the punt. 2 incompletions later, it's 3rd and 10. Kitna rolls right, is pressured...And misses Middleton badly. Whatever, it would have been short of the marker, anyway. 4th down.

The Pack will start at their 36 after the Harris punt.

Christ, the Lions can't even stop the Pack's 2nd string running back, as Jackson gets 8 on 1st down, and 5 more to get the 1st. Why am I doing this?

The Lions get penetration on 1st down, and stuff Jackson for a loss. a 2nd down pass to Franks bounces to him, it's 3rd and 12 from the 46. Nall is 0-3 through the air.

Nsll gets his 1st completion on a screen, but it's stopped 4 yards short of the 1st down. This game is going to be a snoozer from here on out, I'm afraid.

The Lions will start DEEP in their own territory, as the Pack down the punt at the 6. Duckett gets 4 yards on 2 rushed up the gut. A little more than 4:00 left in the half. It can't end soon enough.

Kitna drops back on 3rd down, throws a jump ball for Johnson down the sideline...He brings it down at the 37! Where has that been all fucking season?!

It's a McDonald end around, the Pack sniff it out, and blow it up. But they are also called for a personal foul, so tack on 15. I have no idea what happened, FOX has no replay of the penalty. Anyway, the Lions are at the Pack 46.

On 2nd and 10, Kitna leaves Furry hung out to dry, leading him to much on a short pass, but the Packer DB shows pity, and lets up, rather than decapitate him. Furry holds on for a short gain.

It's Kitna to Furrey again, as the catch is made at the Packers 30. 2 minute warning! ALRIGHT! I wish someone would have warned me as to how damn painful this season was going to be!

After the break, the Lions start with..Yep, you got it, a pass! But it works this time, as McDonald is WIDE open at the 10, and runs to the corner of the end zone. Touchdown Lions. The Pack blew an assignment, as no one covered McDonald.

21-10 Packers after the Hanson kick. As I used to say when I was 10, big whoop.

The Pack will start at their 23. 1:44 left in the half. Run clock, run clock!!! PLEASE! Get this game over with, pronto!

The Pack listen to my pleas, as they call an off tackle run. But the Lions call their 2nd time out, the fuckers.

Another off tackle run gets 2, and the God damn Lions stretch out the agony by calling their final time out. Come on Packers, get the 1st down so you can run out the clock! GO PACKERS!

YES! The 3rd string QB hits the Pack's 4th string tight end for the 1st down. Less than a minute left, the Lions can't stop the clock. Finally...

2 Packer runs do the trick, and polish off the clock. The 1st half mercifully comes to an end, with Green Bay leading, 21-10.

Well, that half sucked balls. If the Packers hadn't willfully let off the throttle, and began resting players for their playoff game, they'd be leading 35-3, instead of 21-10.

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  1. Hey! A completed pass to Mike Furrey! Now wait: TWO completed passes to Mike Furrey! Why the hell is this guy the most under-used talent, given his performance last year? A three year contract just to ignore the guy?