Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's a ballgame! Really!: 3rd quarter Lions - Cowboys thoughts

As we come back from halftime, Aikman and Buck are still trying to figure out what happened to FOX's beloved Cowboys. Aikman says to expect a Dallas explosion of points. For some reason, mainly being that the Lions suck, I believe him.

The Lions will receive the 2nd half kick. Cason, has a GREAT (For him) return as the Lions will start at their 36.

The Lions pick up from where they left off, with Jones getting 7 on 1st down. He gets 2 more on 2nd down, 3rd an 1. COME ON! GET THE 1ST DOWN!

So much for that drive. Martz calls a deep pass? Thus Kitna misses McHugh about 20 yards downfield. That was an odd fucking call. That's the Martz we know and hate. They're running the fuck out of the ball, and he pulls a low percentage pass out of his ass.

Nick Harris continues his great season, as he NAILS the coffin corner kick! 'Boys start at their 3 yard line!

D needs to come up BIG! They stuff Jones on 1st down for a 2 yard gain. OK, not bad. But Bryant is shaken up on the play. TV time out.

2nd and 8 at the 5. Make a play, D!

Romo rolls right, finds Terrell Owens at the 9. Flag on the play, so hold on...

It's against Dallas...Marinelli is making the call...It's offensive pass interference on T.O. Detroit declines, making it 3rd and 4.

FUCK! Owens makes a 1st down catch, and dances his way to the 23. 1st fucking down.

A quick update, Packers up big, on the verge of clinching the division. I hate Brett Favre.

An incompletion, and a Jones run is stuffed, 3rd and 9 for Dallas. MAKE A DAMN PLAY!

Dallas takes too much time, FLAG! Romo is fucking pissed! 3rd and 14 from the 18.

GAHHH! YES! DeWayne White with the big rush...Romo's SACKED! Hot damn, and son of a bitch! 'Boys will punt from their 8, with the Lions fans going apeshit!

Furrey's in to receive for Walters...It's a BAD kick, going out of bounds at the Dallas 41! WOO!

1st down pass, Kitna rolls right, Jones makes a diving catch, but it goes for no gain.

Back to the run with Jones, but it only gets 1. BIG PLAY! 3rd and 9, need to convert!

YES! Sideline pass to Johnson, gets a knee down before going out of bounds! He's out at the 27! 1st down! Drive is still alive...

Duckett moves the pile for 7 yards on 1st down , then does it again for 3 more, and the 1st down!

1st and 10 at the Dallas 16. It's Jones wide right, but loses 1. 2nd and 11. Need a TD here, no time to settle for the FG!

It's Kitna to Furrey, who throws a shoe getting 5 on a cross. 3rd and 5.

Kitna's back to throw...It's the new dude, Middleton...1st down at the 5! His 1st catch in the NFL according to Buck...

1st and goal, Duckett gets 2.

2nd and goal...It's Jones...He's hit at the 2...AND SNAKES INTO THE END ZONE! TOUCHDOWN!

After the Hanson kick, the Lions are up 13 points, 27-14! Praise be! Holy shit! Merry Christmas!

I'm...I'm...Actually happy during a Lions game! Up is down. White is black. In is out. Lions beating the Cowboys! I expect peace in the Middle East to break out next.

The kickoff is another pooch kick, which Dallas is more than happy to the 40 fucking 4. Just fire Stan Kwan now if you are so God dammed scared of a fucking return!

It's Romo to Witten, gets 10, ball at the Lions 45. Then it's a dump off to Barber, gets 8 more. Dallas is coming right back...

It's Witten again, 1st down at the Lions 29. Some on...

Barber with the 7 yard run, as Buck tells us Shaun Rogers is not in the game. He's catching a blow, the fat fuck...

It's Romo to Owens, and another 1st down inside the 20. It's Witten AGAIN, 1st down at the Lions 7. Christ almighty...

TV TO, as Kenoy Kennedy is hurt...

It's a toss to Barber, he's down for no gain! 2nd and goal.

Romo looks in the end zone, has to check down to Barber...He stopped cold at the 3! 3rd and goal coming up, as the quarter ends with the Lions up 27-14! We got a barnburner!

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