Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's not a slaughter, Who knew?: 2nd quarter Lions - Cowboys thoughts

As we come back from commercial, we see Casey FitzSimmons being helped off the field, not putting any pressure on one leg. Wonderful.

We see Lions special teams coach Stan Kwan getting REAMED by Marinelli on the sidelines. That's it Sarge, kick his ass all the way to Allen Park! Kwan's teams have been anything but special this season.

Dallas starts at the Lions 40. A short pass gets 4. On 2nd down, Romo dumps it off to Barber...He's hit hard at the 30...BALL! Shit, Dallas recovers. 1st down at the Lions 28.

Barber runs over several Lions as he gets 8 on 1st down. The 'Boys are moving, now in the red zone.

Barber is stuffed for no gain, leaving a 3rd and 1. NEED FUCKING STOP!

SHITSHITSHIT! Barber takes a toss right, finds the corner, and is untouched on a 20 yard TD run. That's the Lions I expected to see today... After the kick, it's 10-7, Lions still lead.

The Cowboys looked like a machine on that drive. I still don't see the Lions winning this game, despite their fast start.

Cason with a great return, as he takes the kickoff to...The Lions 27. Well, it's great for him...

Jones is gang tackled for no gain on 1st down. It's a 2nd down pass, and Kitna drills McDonald on a cross at the Lions 45! 1st down!

Kitna's back again...He lofts a pass to McHugh running open down the sideline...HE HURDLES A TACKLER...And is finally brought down at the Dallas 20! Great play by McHugh!

Kitna is looking for it all...It's John Owens in the end zone...And Owens is tackled as the ball arrives! Interference! Where's the flag? You're fucking kidding me! No fucking call...

A Duckett run, then a false start, leave the Lions 3rd and 14. A short pass gets them to the 19, so Hanson will kick from 36 yards out.

Piece of cake...It's good! Lions 13-7! The Lions come right back and score after the 'Boys get on the board!

The Lions give up on trying to cover kickoffs, as Hanson pooches a kick to the 30, where the up man takes the ball back to the 40. Talk about throwing a white flag! We surrender!

Joe Buck: "They think Devin Hester is back there?" HA! I gotta agree with Buck, that's just admitting that your special teams BLOW!

It's Romo to Whitten to to start the drive, getting 5. 2nd down run by Jones gets 3 more, 3rd and 2. Get a God damn stop! PLEASE!

Romo rolls right, he's under pressure, looks for Terrell Owens...Incomplete! Good coverage by Fernando Bryant! Dallas will punt.

Lions will start at the 20, as the punt is BOOMED out of the end zone.

Play action! Kitna hits Megatron on a comeback for 19!

Big big big hole for Jones, gets 16 yards running behind Rialola!

Then it's Kitna to McDonald for 9 more, Lions are at the Dallas 30! Where the fuck has this offense been?!

Duckett move the pile, and gets the 1st down at the 29.

Jones for 3 more running behind center. Kitna is back...It's Johnson at the 13! ANOTHER 1st down! Holy fuck!

In the red zone, a TD would be really nice here, guys!

Duckett up the gut, moves the pile for 3 yards. It's Duckett again...Runs rights, cuts upfield...He's dragged down at the 1! 1st and fucking goal!

And we have the 2 minute warning, with the Lions on the verge of going up 2 TD's! I'm at a loss, I did not see this kind of performance coming...

FUCK! Jones is blown up on a goal line run, Brady James takes Jones down at the 3! Christ, the Lions red zone offense SUCKS! Throw a fade to Johnson!

And that's what it is, Kitna lofts it high...And CJ can't hang on, 3rd and goal. It was a tough catch, as Johnson had 2 Cowboys all over him...

Need a fucking TD! It's Jones up the middle...He's hit short of the end zone...But he moves the PILE ACROSS THE GOAL LINE! TD LIONS! TD! TD! TD!

Hanson drills the PAT, and it's 20-7, Detroit Lions! Que up "Gridiron Heroes!"

Hanson kicks off with another pooch kick, Dallas will start at their 35. They should just do as Aikman says, and kick it out of bounds, and not worry about the return at all. Talk about dissing your assistant coach, Marinelli is doing just that with the pooch kicks....

3 consecutive Dallas completions has Dallas 2nd and 1 at the lions 45. Romo's back to pass...No one's open...He takes off, and there's no one in the middle of the field! Romo's all the way to the 30, where he slides... Safe! Time out Lions, 0:47 left in the half, as Redding's hurt.

Romo's back to pass again...It's Whitten at the 18! God damn it! 1st down, and time out Dallas. 0:41 left.

Romo's passing again...Dumps off to Barber, and he stiff arms his way out of bounds at the Lions 81 1st and goal. 0:33 left.

Ah, Hell, here comes a long delay, as it's a booth review to see where Barber actually left the field. He looks about a 1/2 yard shy of the 1st down.

Hell, the call stands. Fucking refs...

Romo's back to pass, lofts a touch pass to a wide open Barber down the left sideline, as the Lions LB can't stay with him...TD Dallas. That was fucking damn quick.

The PAT is good, 20-14 lions. 0:29 left in the half. Shit.

After the Dallas pooch kick, the Lions will start at the 35. a short pass gets 4, the Kitna throws it to no one on 2nd down. some ran the wrong route. 3rd and 6 at the 39. False start Lions. Make it 3rd and 11.

Kitna drops back...Looks for Johnson at the 50...WHERE'S THE FLAG?! Johnson was run over by the Dallas DB going for the ball!

No flag, incomplete, for the 2nd time, the Lions get no respect for from the refs on a blatant pass interference call..Aikman and Buck are flabbergasted by the no call, as am I.

Lions will punt, and Harris kicks it out of bounds at the Dallas 8. Great punt, time runs out, and that's the half.

20-14 Lions over the Cowboys! How about that?

Romo's picking the Lions apart, 11-15-81-1 TD. But Kitna's doing much the same to Dallas, 12-19-150, and the biggest surprise, no sacks!

Even more amazing than the Lions leading,and not giving up any sacks, is their having 107 yards rushing...AT THE HALF?! Where's is Mike Martz, and what have you done with him?

That was the best half of Lions football in over a month. Can it continue? Will the Cowboys pull their heads out of their ass in the 2nd half? Or will the Lions keep playing above their's.. Your guess is as good as mine.

On to the 2nd half...

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