Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Lions are the bane of my existence - 3rd quarter Lions - Chargers thoughts

The Bolts will start the 3rd quarter with the ball. Sproles returns the kick to...the 14? Where did the coverage come from?

Sproles takes the hand off...BIG HOLE....He's out of bounds 34 yards later, and tack on 5 more for a Lions face mask.

The Bolts are in Lions territory. 2 runs net 3 yards. Rivers fades back...Looks for Gates...He's wide open at 40, down at the Lions 35. Whatever.

A run gets 2. Rivers drops back...Looks for Gates at the 10...Ooooo, should have been caught, but he short armed it... 3rd and 8.

Rivers is going to throw again...It's Davis across the middle for 11, 1st down at the Lions 22.

The Bolts have their 4th string RB in, some bowling ball shaped dude gets 1 on 1st down.

Rivers is up to the line, doesn't like what he sees, which I find quite surprising, as he's looking at the Lions defense, and calls time out.

Rivers looks for Gates in the end zone, overthrows him as he was pressured by a late blitz. 3rd and 8 at the Lions 21. You know they are going to convert...

A slant to Jackson gets 11. Brandstatter says on the radio, "Slant cut, huh? They can get that ANYTIME they want it." No fucking kidding, Brandy.

Spoles gets the ball twice, leaving the Bolts 3rd and goal at the Detroit 1 yard line. GOAL LINE STAND! COME ON! YOU CAN...Fuck it, it's gonna be a TD.

Lions call a time out. Time to do some strategy! The only strategy I can see is allowing the Bolts to do whatever the Hell they want...

Sproles runs off tackle...And he isn't hit until he's 2 yards deep in the end zone. Fuckers.

Kaeding drills the PAT, 41-7 Bolts. They now have SCORED ON EVERY POSSESSION! The Lions have once again become a fucking joke. It's like the 6-2 start never happened.

Hey, it's Spiderpig! Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever a Spiderpig does! Aw, no Harry Plopper joke...

This is getting pitiful. Cason takes the kick, is hit...BALL! Warren Cromartie, former Expos outfielder, recovers for the Bolts at the 24.

Jesus. It's not even worth getting all bent out of shape at this point.

The Bolts have sat both LT and Rivers, the backfield is now Billy Volek and Darren Sproles.

2 Sproles runs leave the Bolts a 3rd and 2 at the 16, and the Lions Gerald Alexander laid out.

False start on the Chargers. 3rd and 7. It's a toss to the bowling ball shaped dude, White stuffs it for a loss. Kaeding will come out to kick a longish FG.

He drills it from 45, and it's 44-7 Bolts, as they continue to dominate. This live blog has become an exercise in futility. Much like the Lions' season...

Kaeding will kick off for THE 9TH TIME! Cason gets de-cleated for the 8th time at the 30.

Kitns is still in the game. Looks deep for CJ, underthrows him.

It's a dump off to Jon...OH MY GOD! Jones was LEVELED! Just drilled! That's gonna have you hearing bells, and seeing stars... I can't properly express just how hard Jones was hit! Thank goodness he got up, but he definitely looks out of sorts on the bench. Jesus, that'll be on all the highlight reels tonight.

Back to the game, 3 Kitna passes have the Lions all the way down to the SD 29.

Kitna to McDonald gets 7, 3rd and 3 at the 23. It's a sliding catch by McDonald at the 17 for the 1st down

Kitna is nearly picked on 1st down. Kitna drops back...It's McDonald with the catch in the end zone. TD Lions. woo.

44-14 after the kick. Big fucking deal.

The Bolts will start at their own 39. I'm taking a walk...

I'm back, after the Lions force a Bolts punt. Go figure! Lions will start at their 10. Brandstatter is going on about effort, going on a "You're getting paid, EARN IT" diatribe on the radio.

I'm sort of paying attention, as I now notice the Lions are at their own 48. A dump off to Jones gets maybe a yard, and that's the 3rd quarter.

Chargers have let up on the accelerator, but still lead big, 44-14 over the disgusting Detroit Lions.

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