Sunday, December 16, 2007

What else is there to say other than, "Lions suck!" - 4th quarter Lions - Chargers thoughts

We start the 4th quarter with Kitna throwing his 4th pick, as the former Expo, Cromartie, gets the interception at the 34. I wouldn't expect anything else...

A run some someone has the Bolts at the 50. Then it's Sproles for 10 more. This is fucking laughable.

Sproles up the gut, steps out of a few tackles, gets 7. Dan Miller is going on about the Lions awful beyond words tackling on the radio broadcast.

It's Sproles again, gets 2 more. Sproles again, but loses his footing, no gain. 4th down, the San Diego fans smell blood, want the Bolts to go for it!

They do, but the Lions stop the arterial spray bleeding, stopping Sproles short on 4th down. Lions take over at their own 31.

Will this game ever end? Watch the snow fall all day was more entertaining.

Kitna finds Cason at the 50, then dumps the ball to him again, he's down at the Bolt 42.

2nd down, Kitna drops back, hit as he throws, incomplete. 3rd down...Ditto. 4th and 3. Ditto. Incomplete pass, Bolts over on downs.

If this were a few weeks ago, I'd be all over Marinelli for keeping Kitna in the game. Now? Does it make any damn difference? Any at all? I didn't think so. Play him till his fucking arm falls off, or he sees his God, any God. Whatever comes first. I really don't care.

Christ, there's still 9+ minutes left the game? Jesus! The Bolts are happy to just run clock, as Sproles gets a workout. 2 runs gets a yard.

3rd and 9. Lions blitz...Screen pass...Oh shit...Sproles strolls 56 yards for the TD. That was...I can't really say just how awful the Lions looked on that play. The Lions gave up. They quit on the play. Sproles was untouched.

Luckily for the Lions, the score was called back due to a Bolts having an illegal man downfield. No matter, it showed that the Lions are a step slow, totally out of gas, and are playing like they don't give 2 shits. Or any shits, for that matter.

The Chargers call a run, them punt the ball into the end zone. 7:47 left in this debacle.

Kitna throws a slant to Furrey, and he gets him killed in the process. HUGE hit. The Bolts are looking for the big hit now, headhunting on every play.

The Lions throw a couple more passes, both fall incomplete. 3rd and 15.

Kitna drops back..Guess what? Interception. Number 5 on the day for God's QB. I feel for those who had Kitna in their fantasy leagues. You've already lost your playoff game.

Hell, now there's a real reason to keep Kitna in the game! See if he can beat Ty Detmer's record of 7 interceptions! GO KITNA GO!

Bolts are running the ball on every play. It's 3rd and 8 at the Lions 25. As if to rub it in, Sproles breaks 4 tackles in getting a 1st down, and isn't brought down till he's just inside the 10 yard line. That puts both Tomlinson and Sproles over 100 yards on the game. Way to go, LIONS!

Miller and Brandstatter are going off! "The Lions are better than this! We saw it last week!" Uh, the Lions aren't better than this, you fucking homers! THEY'VE LOST 6 FUCKING GAMES IN A ROW! THINK, MCFLY, THINK!

Oh, Lord, now it's getting truly hilarious. It's 3rd and goal from the 12 for San Diego. Sproles takes an off tackle handoff, breaks a tackle in the backfield, another at the 3, and finds himself in the end zone!

The Bolts have broken 50! The Lions are just plain broken!

With the PAT, it's 51-14 Chargers.

This team has quit on Marinelli. There's no other explanation for such a putrid performance.

Damn it! Kitna is done, so no pick records will be broken today. Shit!

JT O'Sullivan is in the game, then right back out. It's a quick 3 and out for the backup of God's QB.

Lions punt, Bolts take over at the 32.

This game has been loooong over, but it's finally the 2 minute warning. Thank Kitna's God!

This is as good a time as any to end the live blog for today. Bolts are taking a knee. I'm ready for dinner, and if I watch any more of this debacle, I'll be unable to keep it down...

Your final score: Chargers 51 - Lions 14.


  1. I was debating whether I should go out to Hooters to watch this game. Decided against it, and it wasn't even on the networks here. Thank Kitna's God for that.

    Can't wait to see wha the hell they do this off-season. I thought they'd filled some holes this year, but clearly not.

    Ah well. Looks like 2008 will be another rebuilding year. What's the draft order looking like?

  2. I'd like to thank the Ford family for dressing the Brother Rice JV team in Lions uniforms this weekend in San Diego. Go Bolts.

  3. Mike Ilitch - Please buy this team.