Thursday, November 22, 2007


As we start the 2nd half of the Brett Farve love-fest, the Farves will start at their own 20. The old man of the Leo's, Jason Hanson, boots the kickoff out of the end zone. He never ceases to amaze me.

Farve continues from where he left off, 2 completions give the Pack a 1st down at the 32. Then it's 9 more on a pass to Driver.

FOX tells us that Marinelli is not happy. No. Fucking. Shit. Neither am I...

In the meantime, it's another 1st down for the Pack at the 45. Then it's Jones for 8 more. They are making it look easy. Typical, a Lions D-back goes for the strip, gets nothing but air.

FUUUUUUCK!. Koren Robinson is WIDE OPEN as Stanley Wilson falls down in coverage. Typical Lions luck. Robinson is down at the Lions 4. Just fucking kill me now, this season is going to over soon if the Lions don't do SOMETHING!

Christ, Favre is 21-27-260-1 TD! Make it 22-28-264, and 2 TD's. It's Greg Jennings again catching the touchdown pass.

24 to motherfucking 9, Packers lead. Pardon my French, but I'm not happy.

Would it be safe to say that the Lions' season is on the line?

These are the same old Lions.

FitzSimmons takes the kick, is down at the 25, Lions take over. Jones gets 6 off tackle. He's about the only Lion who has been consistently good today. As he gets 8 more for a 1st down. The crowd is D-E-D, dead.

Jones gets 2 more, slowly getting closer to 100 yards on the day, 2nd and 8. Kitna hits CJ for 13, 1st down at the Farve 47. Crowd stirs just a tad.

The Lions try a screen pass that didn't fool anyone. The Pack, the fans, the folks watching on TV. Fans begin to boo. 3rd and 9.

McDonald keeps the drive alive, getting 10 yards on a crossing route. 1st down. Come on, keep it going!

Then bizarro Martz calls a sweep...To Duckett. It goes nowhere.

2nd and 11. Kitna rolls right...Lots of time...It's Duckett for 12! OH FUCK ME! J Peterman is illegally down field. 2nd and 16. Christ.

Kitna with no time, under a hellfire rush from the Pack line, misses Furrey. 3rd and 16 from the Pack 42.

This is just getting God damn silly. False start on Kitna! 3rd and 21. The Lions make me HATE life.

A dump off to Jones gets the Lions in FG range, it'll be a 52 yard chip shot for Hanson.

Hanson, the only Lion other than Jones really playing well, DRILLS IT from 52. 24-12, the evil Packers still lead. The Lions D needs to make a stop, ya think? Currently, Favre is eating the defense alive for his Thanksgiving dinner.

Hanson does it again, pounds the kickoff deep in the end zone, Farve takes over at the 20.

Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Farve is 14-14-156 on his last 2 drives. Make it 15-15, as he hits Jennings on a 25 yard out. Kill me now, just put me out of my Lions fan misery.

On 2nd and 10, Travis fisher mugs Driver at the Pack 48. Flag, pass interference, 1st down.

8 more on a dump off to Grant, the Pack are making it look EASY.

Favre does his Manning impersonation, and Redding fucking jumps. WATCH THE BALL, ASSHOLE! 1st down Farve, Lions 36.

It's a left sweep to Grant...He cuts across the field...Has blocking...He's out at the Lions 5 after a cross country run.

AWWW, THAT"S FUCKING IT! The Pack goes into a hurry up, the Lions are scrambling...Farve throws, tipped ball! PICK! NOOOOOOOOO!

The Lions had already called a time out. Christ almighty. that was a TD for the Lions. I'm at a loss. Really...

Of course, the Pack gets a TD on 2nd down, as Farve connects AGAIN for his 3rd TD pass. 18 straight completions for his fucking Greatness. 31-12, the God damn Pack leads.



After another lame Cason return, the team I hate starts at their 21.

Roy Williams had 5 yards on the defense on a deep ball, and Kitna OVERTHROWS him. Yeah, but at least Kitna feels "Needed" here...

2 more incompletions, and the team I despise goes 3 and out. The much needed Kitna is 10-25-122-1 INT. Maybe someone else NEEDS you?

The Pack starts at their 34 after the punt. A short pass to Grant, and his Greatness has completed his 35th pass.

Just fucking wonderful, 15 yard roughing penalty on the Lions' Moore. This is becoming a joke. Some way for the Lions to strut their so-called stuff in front of an national audience.

After a grant run, the Pack are in Lion territory, and the clock runs out on the 3rd.

31-12 Pack, as Farve is beating the team I will always hate senseless.

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