Thursday, November 22, 2007

FAVRE IS A GOD AMONGST MEN: 2nd quarter Lions - Packers thoughts

As we come back, Kitna drops back to pass...Looks for Johnson deep across the middle...PICK! After a nice return, the Packer takes over at the Lions 11. SON OF A BITCH! God forbid if Kitna, the turnover machine, makes an extended appearance.

And just like that, it's Favre to the Michigan directional school grad, Greg Jennings, for the easy TD. Fuck me, fuck the Lions, fuck Farve.

7-6 Pack, and all is now right in the FOX world.

It's a great return for the Lions special teams! maybe the best in weeks, as they start at their own 23!!!

Bizarro Martz is back, it's Jones up the gut for 3. It's Jones again, gets 8, and the 1st down. I like the running game so far. Where the fuck has it been?

It's Jones again, but the draw is sniffed out. 2nd and 8.

Roy Williams and Kitna miscommunicate, Kitna throws an out, Roy goes in, incomplete. 3rd and long.

OMG! CASON! Kitna drills a pass to Cason in a middle seam for 20 yards, Lions at the Pack 44! Where in the Hell did that come from?

Duckett up the gut for a couple, and Railoa is PISSED! The man has an attitude today. Cool!

A Jones run sets up 3rd and 5 from the 39. The 3rd down pass is broken up, looked like CJ was interfered with, but no flag. Shit. Drives stalls out, Lions will punt.

Harris does the unthinkable (For him), as the punt is into the end zone for a rare touchback.

Favre tries a screen, Lions blow it up for no gain, 2nd and 10. Nice play by the D.

GOD DAMN IT! Favre has all kinds of time, it's a 38 yard pass to Driver. Damn...

BLITZ! Sims pancakes Favre as he throws! Incomplete. 2nd down.

SHITFUCK! Farve with the lob, it's Driver at the Lions 19. Then it's Driver again, a juggling catch at the 5. He outfought the Lions D-back, Smith, for the ball. This is not looking good...

Hell. Ryan Grant pounds the ball into the end zone. Just like that, it's Green Bay 14, Lions 6. I hate the Lions. Really, I do. Where's the damn bourbon?

I've just seen the unimaginable. Cason breaks off a 70+ yard return. Of course, he's caught from behind...But I'll take it! Lions start at the Favre 25. Still, would it kill the Lions to actually have a return man with more than 5.0 40 speed? A real return specialist, like Eddie Drummond, takes that to the house.

Kitna with an AWFUL pass, looking for Johnson near the 5. It's short, and behind him, should have been a pick. 2nd down.

A Jones runs sets up a 3rd and 7. Jesus fucking Christ in Hell! Kitna is sacked again while in Pack territory! Have I said that I REALLY HATE THE LIONS?

Kitna's down at the 27, as KGB is down too, and in pain. Should be another Hanson FG attempt coming up shortly, once we come back from commercial. I have said that I hate American Idol? Because I do...

Hanson drills the 45 yard figgie, 14-9, Favres. I hate Favre, and I need turkey.

More crap ass special teams, as the Pack starts at their 27. Why crappy? The return man was hit inside the 20, and still somehow found a hole to get 8 more yards.

A short pass leaves the Pack 2nd and 6. Farve on a cross...Sims LEVELS the receiver. 3rd down. Favre is looking for Jones deep, overthrown. Packers were called for holding anyway, it was all moot. Pack punts.

Lions start at their17, as the punt sails out of bounds.

Bizarro Martz calls a sweep right, Jones gets 4. Just under 5 minutes left in the half, as FOX tells us Jones has 73 yards on the ground. Jones moves the pile on 2nd down, gets the 1st down! Nice run.

Buck also tells us that Kitna is 2 for his last 10 passes. Make that 2-11, as a pass for McHugh isn't even close. Still, Aikman feels the need to say that Kitna feels "Needed" in Detroit. Fuck that that shit, just complete a damn pass!

Kitna does just that, it's Cason at the 46!

UGH. That was ugly, a screen pass that never had a chance, and Kitna goes down hard. 2nd down. Roy Williams has his 1st catch, a quick pass that leaves 3rd and 3.

GOD DAMN IT! Kitna looks for CJ well downfield...It's a high pass...And he can't hold on... That was a catchable ball. 4th fucking down.

After another touchback, Favre takes over at the 20. An off tackle run gets a couple, and it's the 2 minute warning. 14-9, the fluffed Favres lead.

As we come back, it's 2nd and 8 at the Pack 22. we're told that the Goo Goo Dolls will play at halftime! Goo this, FOX!

ARRRGH. Jennings is open at the 32, Pack 1st down. Then it's Grant catching a pass for 13 more at the Pack 45.

Jones is wide open at the 35...Kenoy Kennedy with the big hit! Incomplete. WHAT? Complete with a fumble out of bounds? What game are the refs watching? Booth review coming up, 0.58 left in half.

Aikman is blathering on about Jones making a "Football move." Again, what fucking game is he watching? He never had full possession! Buck says it could go either way...

FUCK ME! CALL STANDS! The fix is on, as FOX made a few calls...

Pack 1st and 10 at the Lions 35. A screen goes for 8, clock runs, 40 seconds...

A pass to Drivers gets the 1st down at the 19. Time out Favres. 0.29 left. FOX decides it's a good time to get on their knees, and fluff Favre even more.

Driver with another catch over the middle, Lions miss another tackle, he's down after an 8 yard gain. Time out, Farves, 0.19 left. The fluffing continues...

Farve hits Lee at the 3...He's dwon short of the goal line...A huge scramble ensues, the Farves can't stop the clock...The refs finally unpile everyone, and the TO is called with 0.04 left. At the very least, that means the Farves will have to kick a FG, rather than try for the TD. Small fucking favors.

Which they do convert, as the clock runs out. 17-9, the engorged Farves lead the Lions at the half.

I hate Farve. I despise FOX. The Lions are killing me. I need a drink. A BIG ASS DRINK. That might help me forget all the FOX genuflecting over just even the mention of Brett Favre's name.

"It's Brett Favre! Now bow down, and pray to his greatness!"


  1. Holy shit! Two plays in one game from Avion Cason? Too bad our o-line rims my ass.

  2. Al this stuff is legendary.. really enjoying.. nobody expresses pure and honest Lions fury like you....

    btw: Calvin is absolute shit today.. regarding the 1st quarter pick, shouldn't he have taken the blame? Come to the ball Calvin!

    oh!! its starting! goo goo dolls!
    come on LIONS!

  3. I'm a little disturbed that Kitna is only looking at CJ,a little disappointed that CJ is dropping big passes,but overall I figured we'd be down a lot worse.One Kitna discovers Roy is also on the field,and develops a rhythm,and Jones keeps running like he has,we can stay in it for a shot to win before the end....They're playing hard,let's hope they pull it out.


  4. Nobody can tell me that the media hasn't gotten thru to the Puddys. The running game is back, CJ is involved- not doing well, but at least on the field- and even Cason is doing something. All of it right out of the media and blogosphere.

    That being said, same old Lions. Good play negated by penalty followed by a sack, doing nada in the red zone, etc.

    Sigh. This still could get ugly, though I hope they can pull it out.