Thursday, November 22, 2007

FAVREFAVREFAVREFAVRE - 4th quarter Lions - Packers thoughts

As we start the 4th quarter, Pam Oliver says all Hell is breaking out on the Lions sideline. Helmets being thrown, lots of yelling. The Lions are imploding before our eyes.

You gotta be kidding me! Driver takes a short pass, and he just runs through and around the Lions for 40 yards to the 5 yard line. The Lions are not only imploding, but quitting on this game, if you go by the total lack of defensive effort.

An incomplete pass, and a short run leave a 3rd and goal. The 3rd down pass is broken up, the Farves will kick the chip shot 20 yard FG.

34-12, Farve is kicking the asses of team I despise all over the field.

For shits and giggles, I tun on the Lions radio broadcast, and Dan Miller is saying something to the effect that you don't know what holding the Pack to 3 points will lead to. Miller can't believe the BS he's spewing, can he?

Cason takes the kickoff, and rather than make a juke move, he runs right into a tackle at the 21. Cason can't do much, he sure as Hell can't run people over...

A CJ catch, and Kitna scramble have the Lions at their 43. A swing pass to Cason has 15 tacked on for a horsecollar? You never see that called. The refs must be feeling sorry for the Lions.

1st and 10 at the Pack 34. Kitna throws a pass behind McDonald, 2nd down.

Christ, Furrey can't hang on to what would have been a 1st down pass. 3rd and 10. Kitna has to scramble, he's down after a 3 yard gain.

On 4th down, it's Kitna to Johnson at the marker... WHAT? He's marked short? Better eyes prevail, the spot is moved, 1st down at the Pack 23.

It's a crossing route to Williams, he's down at the 5! Tack on a few more on a face mask, 1st and goal at the 2. Williams decides to celebrate his catch, though they are down 3 scores. Roy must be tracking his imaginary yards again. Roy did say he should have had 300 yards receiving against the Giants... I'm guessing he's at 250 imaginary yards today.

MAAAAN. A Jones run is blown up before he even gets to the line. 2nd and goal from the 5.

Calvin Johnson, TD! Makes a tough catch between 2 Packers. good for him, but not nearly enough to get me fired up. 9:58 left in the game.

34-19, Packers still embarrassing the team I root for, but hate with a burning passion.

The Detroit radio team is talking how the Lions can make it a game. The defense has to prove they can stop Farve first, dipshits.

Thank God dinner will be soon, I'm jonesin' for some of mom's turkey.

HUH? Good kick coverage? Farve takes over at the 19.

Pack are going to run clock, start with an off tackle dive. Buck slobbers all over Favre's QB rating for today, 130+. A run to the right leaves a 3rd and 2. Will the D get a stop? I doubt it. The crowd, who's been dead, get a little more into it.

Good coverage by Bryant, breaking up a deep pass. Favre went deep for some silly reason, as the Pack didn't need to do that at all, you'd think they'd want tot clock to keep running.

Farve must be feeling especially cocky.

After a Walters fair catch, Lions will start at their 32. A short pass to Williams gets 5, the Pack will give them that all day.

Kitna has to bail out due to pressure on 2nd down, throws it away. 3rd and 5.

Kitna's back...rolls...Throws it into a crowd...Johnson comes down with the catch at the 38!

It's CJ again, at the Packers 301 Could the Lions be rallying? Kitna looks for Furrey inside the 5...Interference! It looked like a bad call, but I'll take it! Lions 1st and goal at the 1

Jones with the hand off, bounces it outside...TD! 34-26 Packers leading, but have to be sweating a little. A 3 score Farve lead is down to 1 score.

Christ, I feel like I'm fucking bi-polar, with the damn mood swings the Lions give me! Where's my meds?! It's suddenly almost a game! Almost...

Pack starts at their 20, thanks to another great Hanson kick! 1st down pass hits the turf. Crowd is getting into the game. Jennings calms the crowd down, takes a slant for 11, and the 1st down.

Farve scrambles, hits Robinson at the 45, but there's a flag thrown where you know the call will be holding...and it is1 1st and 20 at the Pack 21.

STOP! STOP! STOP! NEED A STOP! But Grant gets 12, hilariously running over Bryant in the process.

AWWW...A quick pass to Driver...And Kennedy fucking WFIFFS on the tackle, 1st down. The Pack converted a 1st and 20. Fuck me. Fuck Kennedy. Less than 4:00 left.

Farve's at it again, drills a pass 20 to Jones. Shit. 1st down at the Lions 38.

FUCKSHITHELLDAMNFUCK! Grant has a big hole, cuts back...Takes the ball all the way to the Lions 16. They are going to make it a 2 score game, it's just a matter if it will be an 11 or 15 point lead.

2 more Grant runs have the Pack 3rd and less than a yard at the Lions 11. He's over 100 yards rushing on the day, and the clock says 2:00. TV time out. It's just delaying the inevitable, the Lions are going to lose their 3rd straight game.

This game is typical Lions, they'll be just close enough on the scoreboard to allow them to say "We should have beat them, if we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot." You just know they'll say it...

Grant is stuffed off tackle on 3rd down, Lions take the TO on the Pack's 4th down. They'll kick the chippie from 26.

It's an 11 point lead, 37-26 Farve. Fuck the Lions. All talk, no execution.

I'm getting hungry. Need turkey soon...

Cason runs into the pile again on the return, Lions start at their 26, 1:39 left. GOD DANN CASON BLOWS!

A pass to Williams is behind him, 2nd down. FOX is talking about the Lions playoff chances. It's going to take a miracle at this point, as the team that drives me to distraction are up shit creek when it comes to the wild card tie-breakers.

Anyway...Cason takes a screen to the 50, but flags are down. You know it's coming back. And it is, holding, Lions. 2nd and 20 from the 24.

Kitna's back..SACKED. Under a minute left.

3rd and 29. Screen gets a few, but it's all futile at this point. Game's been long over. the Kitna pass is broken up on 4th down, Pack takes over on downs. Farve kneels, and it's official.

Game over, and I'm close to saying the season is over. The Lions have taken their 6-2 start, and just pissed it away. The losing streak continues, it's at 3 games and counting .The team that wants to make my life miserable is now 6-5, and sinking fast. Their playoff hopes are sinking even faster.

What can you say? Typical Lions. Same old Lions. The only thing that changes is the names on the uniforms.

I'm off to have dinner with the family. I hope to have some thoughts about this debacle posted late tonight, once the tryptophan wears off.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! That's for everyone but the Lions... They can go screw themselves. Long and hard.


  1. I'm thousands of miles from home with no Lions fans to talk to.. we just scored to make it a one possession game (34-26)...

    question is::
    CAN WE DO THIS!???

    i was the same as everyone else.. angry as hell at the beginning of the 4th... i still sense dissapointment.

  2. boy am i stupid.

  3. Ah well.My prediction was Packers 52-10 yesterday,so they at least did better than I originally thought they would.Same ol Lions.

  4. Too bad the Puddys couldn't play the first 3.5 quarters like they did the last one.

    I'm starting to wonder if the team isn't getting away from Marinelli. I think he's done a great job so far, and for a while the team wouldn't quit. But now, I don't know.

    I hope I'm wrong. The last thing we need is another rebuilding project.

    Oh, and was it just me, or was Kitna sacked/hit/hurried almost literally every time he threw the ball?