Sunday, November 18, 2007

Which offense is worse? The Wolverines or Lions? - 2nd quarter Lions - New York Football Giants thoughts

As FOX comes back from commercial, we see a pile of humanity on top of Kitna, as FOX missed the snap, and then sack. On 3rd down and 19, it's a near pick on an incomplete pass to Williams.

SHITSHITSHIT McQuarters breaks the punt return, thanks to sloppy coverage, and the Giants will start at the Lions 38. Fuck...

Yes! Jacobs is stuffed for a 2 yard loss, and the Giants are called for holding to boot! 1st and 20 from the 48. Make a God damn play, defense! Which they don't as Manning gets 13 on an out pass.

2nd and 7, Jacobs busts through a Lions D-back attempted tackle in the backfield, gets 3.

Another 3rd and short. Lions threaten to blitz...FUCK. Complete for a 1st...BALLLLL! Moss is stripped by Kenoy Kennedy, fumbles, mass of humanity ensues, LIONS RECOVER! Hells yes! The Lions D gets ANOTHER turnover. They have been amazing in that category this season.

FOX comes back from commercial just in time to see Kitna hits Sean McHugh in the flat, takes it 18 yards to the 39!

SCREEN! Well, you could hear everyone on the Giants yell that, as Kitna had to throw it away. 2nd and 10. OOOOOOH, Jones is piled up for a 5 yard loss on a sweep. Big hit... 3rd and 15.

Kitna is feeling the pressure, throws an ugly dying quail off his back foot, misses McDonald badly high.

More sloppy special teams, McQuarters breaks a few tackles, and is finally tackled at the 38. It's all moot, holding on the bad guys, they'll start at the 8. Much better...

Manning on a slant to "It's not a" Toomer for 8.

GRRR...Manning feels the Lions pressure, takes off, gets a 1st down at the 25. Damn it!

It's then a 15 yard pass to Foss, another 1st down. Lions not looking good on offense or defense today. A dump off to the lumbering Jacobs gets 9, ANOTHER 3rd and very short from the 49. YES, play is blown dead! Gotta be a false start...And it is, now 3rd and 6.

Oh yeah! Travis Fisher with a nice low tackle on Shockey, stops him a yard short of the 1st....The Lions defense rises to the occasion, with a little help from the Giants.

And it's a touchback on the punt, lions start at the 20. Let's get the offense in sync!

YES! 21 yard pass to Casey FitzSimmons. That's more like it!

Lions go to 4 wides, but McDonald drops a 1st down pass in the flat. 2nd and 10. Furrey catches a pass a crossing pattern, 3rd and 2.

McDonald makes a play! The pass is caught a yard short of the stick (AGAIN), McDonald is twisted down...But his knee never hit the ground! He then scrambles for the 1st down! But there's the red flag from Tom Coughlin, we have a challenge. I don't know, the replays looked inconclusive, at best. You never actually see where is knee is on the replays.

FOX doofs say it's inconclusive, as Goose says McDonald is wearing knickers...SHITFUCK. That was NOT FUCKING CONCLUSIVE! The Lions have to punt...

To make matters worse, Harris kicks the ball into the end zone, Giants start at the 20, with 4:07 left in the half.

The Lions offense has been as bad as the Wolverines was against tOSU. It may be up to the Lions defense to win this game.

God damn it...Jacobs busts a few tackles, finally brought down at the 38. Manning with all kinds of time, it's Shockey for another 1st down. Offsides Lions! FuckFUCKFuck!

A Jacobs run up the gut is stuffed, and then it's an incompletion on a deep route to Burress, and it's 3rd and 4 from the Giants 45.

2 minute warning, still 3-0 NY football Giants. This is not the Lions team I expected to see at home.

Manning has time, it's Moss on a crossing pattern at the 35, then it's a pass to Shockey to the 27. Jacobs off tackle gets the 1st down at the 23. Lions defense is on their heels...Giants time out, 1 minute left...

Burress is open at the 16, then it's Manning to "It's not a" Toomer at the 16.

33 seconds left in the half. 3rd and inches. Lions need a STOP! It's the less popular Eli on the sneak, he's all the way to the 10, and he moves to chains... 30 seconds left.

SHITFUCKDAMNASS! It's Manning to Jacobs, he's hit at the 4, but drags 3 Lions into the end zone. TD, bad guys...

Not quite so fast, there's a booth review. Moose isn't going to make a call this time, as he says "If they didn't reverse the 1st one..." In other words, he hasn't a clue. It's going to stand, I'm sure of it.

As I figured , the call stands. After the PAT, 10-0 NY football Giants, 23 seconds left.

This has been a highly disappointing 1st half for the Lions. Defense has been OK, but the offense has done their best to keep the D on the field.

It's a squib kick, Lions start at the 35. A swing pass to Jones gets 7, time out Lions. 12 seconds left. Quick cut by FOX to a Martz, he's staring off into space. For I know, he's thinking of unicorns. No, that would take imagination, and the Lions offense has shown little of that in the 1st half.

God damn it! Kitna is sacked! Lions take a time out with 4 seconds left.

On 3rd and 11, Kitna hits McDonald deep at the 35...But he fumbles, Giants recover. It wasn't going to make a difference anyway. McDonald wasn't going to score, and there was no time left on the clock. Just empty stats.

We are at halftime, and the New York Football Giants lead the Detroit Not Playing Football Lions, 10-0.

Kitna is 9-16-133, but a good 35 of those yards were on the meaningless last play. Kevin Jones has all of 16 yards rushing, not much in the way of real improvement over the Cardinals game last week. For the Giants, Brandon Jacobs is just killing the Lions with 49 yards rushing, and 49 receiving. He's just running guys over. The Giants lead in total offense 241-131, and on the scoreboard, 10-0.

I need a beer.

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