Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's not looking good: 3rd quarter Lions - New York Football Giants thoughts

Now fortified with a yummy Anchor Steam, I'm ready for the 3rd quarter. I hope Rod Marinelli has kicked some locker room ass, and has the Lions fortified and ready for the 2nd half...

Moose tells us this is the best he's seen the Giants play all season. Let's not talk about the awfulness of the Lions...

The Leo's will kick, and it's the 1st we've seen of Jason Hanson today, which is quite telling as to how the game has gone. Hanson out and out booms the kickoff, touchback! Goose says Marinelli told him "We need to tackle better." No fucking shit, Sherlock...

Burress drops a sure 1st down pass on 1st down, so we're off to a good start. A 2nd down pass to Shockey misfires as well. Manning was being chased by Big Baby, but Rogers was knocked down, and out of the game by another Lion. Figures.

Yes! Burress can't handle a 3rd down pass from Eli Whitney, they will punt. Walters with the fair catch at the 31.

Come on, offense! DO SOMETHING!

Kitna rolls right, throws on the run DEEP for Williams, but was well covered. Christ.

2nd down and 10. OK, that's more like it, Kitna hits Williams for 12, 1st down! Hell, Williams is hurt... Jones is stuffed for no gain on 1st down.

It's Kitna to McDonald! McDonald makes a nifty run, he's down at the Giants 33!

Kitna's back to pass again....SACK by Strahan. Shit, that's sack number 3. 2nd and 18.

Williams is back, and gets 11 back on a comeback. 3rd and 6. Kitna throws to Calvin Johnson a good 4 yards short of the 1st, he stretches, he's close....And fumbles it out of bounds. God damn it, how many patterns have been run just short of the marker? I know Martz's offense is designed for his receivers to make plays, but it's getting ridiculous.

Looks like he's just short, and the measurement confirms it. Here comes Hanson.

41 yards is a chip shot for him. He drills it, 10-3 Lions. At least the Lions are on the board.

Hanson booms it deep...And there's HORRIFIC coverage by the Lions special teams! Lewis takes the ball deep into Lions territory, 1st and 10 at the 34. That was just...just...Fuck.

If this keeps up, I'm going to need something stronger than Anchor Steam.

Jacobs gets a yard on 1st down. Well, that's something. Jacobs on a draw...He's picking his way forward...BALL OB THE TURF!!! LIONS RECOVER! And they dodge another bullet...Whew...

Kitna looks deep, Williams is open in the middle, 19 yard gain! YES! Jones off tackle, gets 7, and the Lions are right back in Giants territory! Come on!

Jones on a draw, gets 2, 3rd and 1. Let's move the damn chains!

Nice call! Kitna takes a 1 step drop, and slings it to Roy, he gets 5 yards! His helmet is ripped off, but that doesn't stop him from signaling 1st down!

A 5 yard out and a Kitna throw away on a roll out leave the Lions 3rd and 5 from the Giants 34. AGAIN, it's a pass that's a yard short of the marker! This time to Furrey! FUCK!

Lions are going for it! Jones is stuffed, but there was movement anyway. It's all fucking moot. False start on the damn Lions. THAT WHOLE SEQUENCE JUST BLEW. Play call, penalty, result, everything.

It's going to be a 52 yard attempt for Hanson...It's tipped at the line, falls well and the Lions shoot themselves in the foot. Christ Almighty, I can't figure this fucking team out. Where's my Anchor Steam?

The Giants will take over at their own 42. A short pass to the TE gets 6, and Boss Baily is...Wait for it...Injured.

"THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!" Ya gotta love Denny Green, and that Coors ad. All that's missing is his pounding on the dais. Green's rant is high on the list of best post game pressers, ever...

We're back, Lions offsides. It's Shaun Rogers suckered on the hard count. 1st down. Maaaan...

FUCK! It a pass to Burress, good for 17 at the Lions 29... 1st down, and Jacobs is stuffed for a loss! He then hobbles off...Well, that helps the cause.

Manning's back to pass, and so is Baily...SACK! 3rd and 18, come on, DEFENSE! Good pressure on Manning, but it's a screen...Gets 9, and it's 4th and 9. The 45 yard FG attempt is dead on, and the NY Football Giants have their 10 point lead back, 13-3.

It's Cason on the kickoff return...God, the Lions special teams blow...Lions will start on the 18.

Kitna is back to pass, and it's a DIVING catch by the 350 lb Jon Bradley! Gets all of 2 yards, though. Goose goes all orgasmic...

YES! Kitna to Furrey gets 18! 1st down at the 37!

GODDAMNIT! Kitna throws to a quadruple covered Williams, tipped, pick. Giants' ball at the their 45. Just an AWFUL pass by Kitna, who was trying to do waaay too much.

Eli Wallach dumps off a pass to the fullback, goes for 9, and a toss gets 5, 1st down Giants. And that's the end of the 3rd quarter. 13-3 Giants.

I hate the Lions.

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