Sunday, November 04, 2007

This game is long over: 4th quarter Lions - Broncos thoughts

The 4th quarter starts with the Broncos getting 10 yards on a Ramsey pass.

Oh, my. KC is beating Green Bay in the 4th quarter...That's HUGE for Detroit if it continues.

Back to the game, it's 3rd and 1 the Broncos 46. A QB sneak picks up the 1st. Hey, just use up as much clock as out want...

OOOOOHHHH! Shaun Rogers times the snap, and buries Ramsey! Big loss of 6! Nice...2nd and 16.

An out pass gets 10, 3rd and 6. Come on, D! A pass to Clark gets 5 1/2, 4th and very short at the Lions 42.

AHHH, a slant to Marshall gets 10, 1st down at the 32. Broncos are driving, but they are using a ton of clock. It's 6+ minute long drive, a little over 9 minutes left.

A short run and pass set up 3rd and 5. Just keep the clock running...


To steal from the no longer relevant Chris Berman, Rogers is rumblin', bumblin', and stumblin' on his way to the end zone...Touchdown Big Baby! I think he needs oxygen, but the Rogers score counts! Hell, I need oxygen! Holy mother of God, another defensive TD! WOWWOWOWOWOW!

37-0, Detroit Lions! Cue "Gridiron Heroes!" Can we call this game over yet?

The Broncos will start at their own 27, while Big Baby is still sucking big wind...He's surrounded by Lions trainers as he takes on air. Hilarious...

A short Ramsey pass to the TE gets 7...HOLY SHIT! ALEX LEWIS IS RUNNING DOWN THE SIDELINES WITH THE FUCKING BALL...TD LIONS! I'm at a loss for words...

But will it count? Denver is challenging that the TE was down. If it holds up, that's the 3rd Detroit defensive TD! Replay shows it's a fumble, but Lewis may have been touched, and down by contact. Either way, Lions should have the ball.

Here's the call...Lions ball at the Denver 34, 1st and 10. Nice consolation prize.

This is the most fun I've had watching a Detroit Lions game in eons. Eons, I tell you!

Kitna is sitting down! YES! YES!

HUH? JT O'Sullivan is under center, which is where he should be in a blowout. Marinelli finally gets it through his thick head that Kitna does not have to take every God damn snap!

A pair of TJ Duckett runs leaves a 3rd and 6. Ya think it's gonna be Duckett again?

A TJ sweep gets a couple, but there's is a flag on the flag. Denver continues with their own self destruction with an offsides call. 3rd and 1 from the 25.

Duckett DROPS THE BALL!! He picks it up...There's a big ass hole! Duckett is down to the God damn 2! Everything is going the Lions way! EVERYTHING!

Duckett finishes off the drive, as he should, running off tackle for the TD! YES! The PAT is good!

With 5:15 left in the game, the Detroit Lions are embarrassing the Denver Broncos, 43-0!

Jesus, I'm going to be emotionally spent by the time this game is over...

CBS now runs the Kitna "Win 10 games" quote. I admit that I blasted Kitna for it. Let's just say I'm thrilled that I was so wrong about the Lions. Absolutely thrilled...

After giving my fingers a rest, it's 3rd and 13 for the Broncos at their 37. A pass to Graham converts, as he takes the pass to the Lions 42. The Broncos convert another 3rd down, a Ramsey pass to the Lions 31. Just over 3 minutes left.

Ah heck, and gosh darn it all, pass interference is called on the Lions at their own 2! Shoot, the Lions D is a little upset, they want the shutout! Go'll durn it, Ramsey hits Stokely in the corner of the end zone, TD Broncos.

Fort some sill reason, Marinelli is going to challenge the call? It looks good on all the replays...I guess that's Marinelli "Competing" till the final whistle, no matter the score. That's all well and good, but it was a challenge he was going to lose, so why bother?

Which he does, and after the PAT, it 44-7, Lions are smoking the Broncos. When the Pats - Colts game start?

I hope to Hell the Broncos don't try an onsides kick, as this game has been long over. I'm ready for Pats -Colts!

While we're waiting for the kick, Harlan and Gannon discuss the Lions schedule. Hey, they way they are currently playing, every game is winnable. Never thought I'd be saying that a month ago.

Walters takes the kickoff, and rather than risk a fumble, takes a knee at the 12.

It's really garbage time now, as Cason is the tailback. His carry gets 2. Cason gets 6 more, 1:30 left, 3rd and 2. Cut to Marinelli on the sidelines, who looks like he's already thinking about next week's game.

A Bradley run...Fumble at the 27. Denver recovers. Whatever. 1:11 left.

Ramsey to pass...WOW! JESUS! Alex Lewis with the massive hit! He plants, buries, pancakes, you mane name, he did it to the former Lion, Glenn Martinez! In fact, he's still down, which isn't surprising. Lewis' hit violently snapped Martinez's head back. Give him credit, he did hold on to the ball...

With 23 seconds left, a Ramsey pass to Marshall has the ball to the Lions 5. TO, Denver.

A pass to Clark at the goal line...Ball on the ground! Lions recover in the end zone! The Lions D is a takeaway machine!

No review, Lions just need to kneel...Ah, Hell, booth review on the Denver fumble. As Rich Gannon says, "Why?"

SHIT! You have to be kidding me, Harlan tells us the Green Bay Favres won again! Christ almighty...

Anyway, the call stands, Lions ball. Take a knee, and let's get the Hell out of here so we can watch this season's "Game of the Century."

Game over. Detroit wins AGAIN! Lions over the Broncos, 44-7 is your final score.

Detroit is 6-2, and the NFC North is a two team race in early November. The fact that one of the teams in the race is out Detroit Lions is flabbergasting.

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  1. Amazing. I was pissed that they even called the Interference, since the game was long since decided. But what the hell.... I suspect losing the shutout taught a lesson to the defense.

    Thought for the day: I'm down in Albuquerque, where everyone is a Broncos fan. "Sweet" is the only word to describe how it feels to sit in Hooters, surrounded by fans of the other team, watching Rogers race(!) 60 yards for a score. I was on my feet yelling "Go Baby! Go Baby!, yes yes yes" and laughing out loud. And I'm not usually like that.

    Maybe they should design a couple plays for him on offense. If nothing else, as a decoy. He really is athletic for his size, and showed me something. I suppose the risks are too big... But I did like the way his teammates gathered around him afterwards. The only way it could have been any cooler was if it had been Bly that he knocked aside on the way. Of course, Bly would never have tried to tackle someone Rogers size anyway.

    Great day to be a Lions fan. Tomorrow will be awesome too, since I'll be able to talk smack to the Denver fans at work. Amazing feeling, to have this opportunity...