Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's officially a blowout: 3rd quarter Lions - Broncos thoughts

The Lions will start the 2nd half with the ball, receiving the kickoff. Let's see if they can continue their streak of 4 straight possessions for scores against the Broncos.

As we come back, Harlan brings up the Lions offensive dominance, saying Detroit scored on every possession. We have no word on the status of Cutler, but it's become obvious that he's done for the game. The Broncos' are in Patrick Ramsey's hands. Now we get word on Cutler, lower left leg "Contusion."

A very nice return by Cason has the Lions starting on their 36.

CBS runs a stat, no Kitna turnovers in the last 3 games, as he looks for CJ cutting on a cross, but throws behind him. The 2nd down pass to Furrey gets 6, 3rd and 4.

And the 4 possession scoring streak ends, as Kitna misses Williams on an out cut. 1st punt of the game for the Lions.

WOOOOOO! Great kick by Nick Harris, it goes out of bounds at the Denver 3, 55 yard punt! Hot damn, that ball took a sharp right hand turn out of bounds...Now would be a great time for a Broncos turnover, ya think?

Henry off tackle gets a yard, out to the 4. Crowd is going nuts! ARRRGH, near pick as the ball was tipped at the line, falling just short of the Lions DB! 3rd and 9.

Huge pressure on Ramsey as he fades back in the end zone! Ernie Sims just missed getting a sack, but forces an incompletion!

NO! YES! Shit...that was close, as Troy Walters puts the ball on the turf, but falls on the punt at the Lions 45. That could have been disastrous...

A Jones run gets 1, 2nd and 9. Jones on a sweep, running behind Damion Woody (!) gets 3 more. 3rd and 6. Let's go! AAAAAHHHHHRRRGH, Kitna misses Jones, who was covered by a linebacker, deep down the middle, forcing a punt.

Harris does it again! The punt is out of bounds inside the 10! But there's a flag...Holding Broncos, personal foul Lions (Running into the coaching staff on the sidelines? Huh? Never heard that call before...) Let's do it again...

YEAH! Harris does it again, forcing a fair catch at the Broncos 8. Defense, make a play!

Ramsey's back to pass...He's HIT at the goal line on a Corey Smith BLITZ! BALLBALLBALL! Dewayne White picks the ball up at the 3, and lunges into the God damn END ZONE!!! Holy mother of God, it's a defensive TD!

Touchdown, LIONS! WOW! Holy shit! WOW! WOW! I'm at a loss for words...

After the PAT, 23-0 Detroit Lions! Cue up "Gridiron Heroes!" WOW! WOW! I have to admit, I have a shit-eating grin on my face right now...

A nice Bronco return has them starting at their 37. Let's go D!!

Ramsey is hit as he throws...Pass is dropped in Lions territory. 2nd and 10. A slant goes for 8...BALL ON THE TURF! Can't challenge it, as refs call it incomplete. 3rd and long...

DAMN IT! A Ramsey pass goes to the Lions 49, 1st down. But his next 2 passes are outright drops, 3rd and 10. Make a play, D! SHIT! Ramsey to Marshall gets the 1st down at the Lions 34...

Time out Lions, as Harlan claims there was only 10 Detroit defenders on the field.

Ramsey throws for the 10th consecutive time, getting 7 yards. FUCK! Henry has a big hole, takes it 22 yards to the Lions 5. God damn it! Henry's still down, looks like he fell hard on his knee... 1st and goal Denver, as Henry leaves the field quite slowly.

Crowd is getting loud, hoping for a goal line stand. Lehman stuffs the 1st down run! 2nd and goal at the 4.

Ramsey back...Redding bats the pass down! 3rd and goal! Get the stop!!!

Ramsey throws the slant behind Marshall! 4th and goal, and the Broncos will go for it!!

YESYESYES! Pass is broken up at the goal line by Keith Smith! Lions take over on downs, the fans got their goal line stand!

Lions take over at the 4. Kitna's back...Lots of time...McHugh is WIDE OPEN at the 20! He rumbles and stumbles to the Lion 49!

Kitna's back to pass again....It's a little dump off to McDonald...He's got LOTS OF GREEN AND FURREY IN FRONT OF HIM! Furrey gets the block...GO you SOB, go! McDonald is GONE! TD!! A 96 yard TD drive in 2 plays! Holy shit...

After the PAT, it's 30-0 Detroit, with 6:35 left in the 3rd quarter! 30-0!

Hanson BOOMS the kick deep, Broncos will start at their 20. 2 quick Ramsey passes take the Broncos to their 43.

YES! Big time pressure off the ends, Ramsey goes down! SACK! Corey Smith! The D line has pinned their ears back!

Denver calls a TO get try and regain their composure... 4:43 left in the 3rd. 2nd and 12.

And the Broncos drop another pass...3rd and long. Go D!

God damn it! 1st down, as Ramsey hits his TE for 17 at the Lions 43. OK, I know it's a big lead, but the game is far from over. Make some plays on D!

A short out pass, and a Henry run, set up 3rd and 7. Big pressure....NEAR PICK! Ramsey threw it into a literal crowd of 2 Denver wide outs, and 3 Detroit DB's...Leaves them a 4th and long.

Denver's going to go for it..HA! Delay of game, Broncos! How Lions-esque. (Pre-2007, that is) They have to punt instead. Detroit takes over at their 17.

Let's grind out some clock...It's a Jones sweep, he follows his blockers nicely, 12 yard gain! Jones up the gut for 3, 2nd at 7 at the 32. KJ's up to 71 yards rushing.

A swing pass to Jones is incomplete. Jones may have short armed that ball... 3rd and 7.

Kitna doesn't like what he sees, calls their 2nd TO of the quarter with just over 1 minute left in the 3rd. Gannon and Harlan use the time to show highlights of Kitna winning the World Bowl many many moons ago. Harlan ells us he called the game with Matt Millen! Those were the days, when I actually LIKED Millen. There wsno better color man in th business. Too bad we can't say the same about his not so mad GM skiils.

Kitna's back...Mcdonald at the 50...Incomplete! Shit. Put that one on Kitna, it was a tough catch, with the ball low and behind him. Lions will have to punt.

Broncos take over at their 26. A sweep gets 4, and time is running out in the 3rd. It's Henry wide right, Lions sniff it out, and the Broncos are lucky to lose only 3 yards.

And that's the 3rd quarter, folks. 30-0, Detroit Lions lead. That's NOT a typo, 30-0 Detroit.

As we go to commercial, Harlan says, "The Broncos are getting destroyed!" Word...

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  1. Didn't like that non-fumble. Ball clearly should've been given to the Leos. But who the hell cares?